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6 Easy ways to get Free Food and Drink

Treating yourself by going out for Food and Drink or indulging in something sweet can be a struggle sometimes. Especially in the past year. Prices always seem to rise and there’s never enough spare money in the bank.

We have some sweet news for you!

There are so many ways to get top quality food and drink for free! You read that right. You can fill your stomach for free.

Look at these super simple ways to get tasty food and refreshing drinks. These tips require minimum effort, for maximum satisfaction!


There is a huuggeee range of meals and ingredients available to you on your smartphone. Whether it is fast food, or healthy snacks, they are there! Apps are the easiest way to get freebies, literally in the palm of your hand.

Fast food apps help you get money off on a range of meals. Burger King are currently offering a free Whopper on the app! Yum! They also have offers that change weekly.

For a healthier choice, there is an app called Olio. To reduce Food waste, they advertise spare food and drink in your local area. Large and small businesses can advertise. I have gotten fresh fruit from the local Greengrocer as well as yummy toasties from costa!

Apps are your gateway to a full tummy with no impact to your bank account!

Free tea and coffee

Fancy a pick me up? While browsing the never-ending store picking up those bits you really need (or don’t!) can get a free Hot drink with the IKEA loyalty scheme.

If you are looking for more useful and easy ways to get free hot drinks.


Competitions are a really great way to get free food and drinks. Whether it is the form of a Gift card (I’m looking at you Nando’s) getting a free hamper, free pizza, or free Coupons to spend!

There are so many free competitions out there to choose from. Prizes vary and you can win some great foods you may have never tried.

Meet and Greets

University is one of the most sociable experiences to have in life – A time when everyone is finding their feet and themselves.

It gets better. To encourage this, universities organise so many different of meet and greets for students, to help them mingle and make new friends. You could make some great contacts and meet people with similar interests

These events normally have what seems like a never-ending supply of free food and drink! Nothing keeps people in the room like mountains of sausage rolls and party sausages and pop.

Birthday Freebies

A year older, and more free treats! Retailers are falling over themselves to offer you free goodies on your birthday. There is a little bit of give and take. You Need to download the Greggs app, for you to get your free sweet birthday treat! Same goes with Krispy Kreme. There are, of course, healthier options available, however this is a great way to score treats rather than a 3-course meal. If you cannot eat junk on your birthday, when can you…?

Online surveys

Have you ever heard of online surveys? They are a great way to get free stuff in exchange for a little bit of brain power. You can do these sat on the sofa while watching your fave soap.

By signing up with sites like OhMyDosh, you can complete tasks and short surveys which are used for Market Research Purposes. All these surveys are paid! The rate varies, so you won’t be earning a wage, but it’s flexible. The best bit is that online survey sites also offer some pretty decent freebies, which can be anything from a gift card, food and drink rewards or being entered into a prize draw.

We hope you enjoy your all that free food and Drink! 

If you want to find out more about Free Food and Drinks make sure to check out the website regularly or download the Fab Freebies app