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7 Amazing Freebies your Pet Will Love


1. Treats

Everyone loves to treat their pets every now and then (maybe a little too often…), but treats can be an expensive luxury when you’re picking them up at the supermarket every week. A cheaper choice to show your pet some love is to make them treats at home! Try out these delicious recipes that feature some cheap and easy cupboard staples, like potatoes, oats, and rice. It’s a great way to ensure your dog is getting all-natural treats that will be good for them and wallet friendly!


2. Budget-friendly Toys

Toys are a superb way to keep your pet stimulated and entertained, but there’s no need to spend a small fortune on something your dog will potentially tear to shreds, or something your cat will ignore in favour of a cardboard box. Consider some DIY options, Freebies or just head to your nearest pound store to see what is on offer. If you’re on the market for a softer toy or something a little different, pop along to your nearest charity shop to find something second-hand. Just ensure all small pieces, like plastic eyes, are removed before you give it to your pet.


3. Grooming at Home

A huge cost of pet care is grooming. Large dogs can cost up to £60 for a thorough groom, multiple times a year. If you want to cut your costs, invest in a good pair of dog clippers and other essential grooming items. It may seem like a big expense; however, it will save you hundreds of pounds in the long run! Just ensure you take extra care when grooming your pet to avoid any unwanted trips to the vet. There are plenty of great articles and videos online about keeping your animal safe while you give them a haircut or trimming their nails.


4. Keep Vet Bills low

An excellent way to save money is to really prioritise your pet’s health to avoid hugely expensive vet bills. Things like dental hygiene, a good diet, and vaccinations are so important for keeping your pet healthy and avoiding spending loads of money at some point down the road. Brush your pet’s hair and teeth a few times a week, keep them up to date with their vaccinations and flea prevention treatments, and exercise them well. Don’t scrimp on these parts of an animal’s lifestyle – they’re key to keeping your pet healthy and happy!


5. Save on Food

One of the biggest expenses of owning any pet is undoubtedly the food. Luckily, there are so many pet food subscription options available – and most of them offer amazing free trials! Whether you opt for, Republic of Cats, or another subscription site, you can get a few weeks or even months of pet food delivered right to your door! Plus, in the long run, sometimes these subscription services are the most cost-effective way of feeding your pet.


6. Find Bargain Dog-Sitting Services

Sometimes you may not be able to take your beloved pet away with you while you travel. Leaving your pet in the care of someone else is the only option.  Pet hotels, kennels, or animal-sitting services can often cost a small fortune. Rather than spending hundreds of pounds on these services, try looking a little closer to home first. You may have friends or family who would be more than willing to take care of your pet, saving you a lot of money and giving you peace of mind that they’re being taken care of by someone you know and trust; just be prepared to do some favours in return!

If you are lacking any animal loving friends or family, try Rover – an app that shows animal sitters near you. Whether you need daycare, walks, or house-sitting, Rover can provide you with experienced individuals in your area at competitive rates. You’ll be able to read reviews from other pet owners and be sure that you’re getting the best deal.


7. Organise Your Spending

One of the easiest ways to limit spending when it comes to pets is to keep a record of your expenses. By keeping track and adding up everything you spend on your pet, including insurance, food, and medications, it will be easier to see where you need to cut down.

Use Cashback sites to ensure you’re getting the best deal on all your pet necessities, or head to GoCompare to find the best policy and provider for your pet.

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