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The lockdown has hit us all very hard. Everything is closed—from our favourite restaurants, gyms and more. So, what do you do?

Many people are turning to home-based subscriptions to help get them through. Subscriptions for everything from entertainment, courses and more are highly popular. What better way to help keep your mind occupied and mentally stimulated while on extended stay at home?

The main issue is that many subscription services come with a hefty price tag. The more subscriptions you sign up for, the more money it costs. However, if you simply don’t have the extra cash in your budget, there are some alternative subscriptions to try—freebies!

When it comes to free subscriptions, you can find it all available on the Internet. There are courses on learning a new language, exercise, stress relief and much more.

Where are the Best Freebies?

To start, consider what you’re interested in. Is there something you’ve been wanting to learn, but just haven’t had the time or money? Make a list of things you’d like to do, topics you’d like to learn more about, and more. When you’re done, review the list and choose at least a couple of topics to explore.

Now it’s time to hunt for those free subscriptions and courses! Many companies are now offering classes for free. You can find many free photography courses, for instance. Some are offered by camera companies, while others are sponsored by universities and individuals. For example, check out these free photography courses by Photocritic. To find additional resources, just do a Google search for “free photography courses 2020.” Then you’ll have a nice list to explore.

With the lockdown, travel has come to a standstill for most of us. The itch to get out and explore runs deep, especially when you know it’s not possible to get out. Why not check out museums and art galleries online? Many facilities are offering free viewings some exhibits, tours and more. All of these are accessible right on the Internet, from your own home.

One place to start is with Google Arts & Culture. Here, it’s possible to visit eight contemporary art museums all around the world. These include the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Gwacheon (located in Korea), to the Guggenheim Museum (located in New York, USA), and more. If you’d like to view some famous works of art, this is the place to start. And it’s all free—and even available on your smartphone!

Another museum to check out online is the British Museum, where you’ll find an interactive timeline. Click on a dot anywhere on the timeline and you’ll be taken to a new page with information about that time period. They also have artefacts to view from that specific time. Check it out!

To find more free museum exhibits around the world, just do a Google search like “free museum visits online,” or “free museum exhibits online.” If you’d like to see museum in the UK online, just type in “free museum visits online uk.” You’ll have a lot to explore.

If you’re interested in taking courses online, you’ll be happy to do know that many universities around the world have made free courses available online. For instance, the British Council has put together a list of free online courses sponsored by universities in the UK. The program they’ve created is called Future Learn, and the site provides courses on a wide variety of topics, one that will surely be interesting to you. And best of all, they’re all free. 

If you’d like to find other university courses that are free online, just do a Google search “free online university courses 2020,” or “free online university courses uk 2020,” if you’d like to view studies available in the UK.

Entertainment—What About YouTube?

Dare we mention YouTube? Once the place where only geeks and creatives hung out and created videos, YouTube has since become more mainstream. In fact, with everyone in lockdown, many artists, celebrities and more have been busy creating free content and uploading it to the site.

Would you like to take a free exercise class? Or do you need an exercise class specifically aimed at the kids? You’ll find it on YouTube! Check out Joe Wicks and his PE classes for kids (but we’re sure you’ll get a good workout, too). If you’d like to try some yoga to strengthen and relax, there are many YouTubers who offer free workouts.

It’s possible to find YouTube videos on almost any topic you’d like to learn. There are any number of language courses to learn a new language. And if you need a “how to” on some home improvement projects, just check YouTube. It’s also full of other types of DIY projects and more.

Most of the videos are free, but unless you have a YouTube subscription you’ll need to put up with ads throughout the videos. If you don’t mind the ads, then YouTube is completely free to use and a great resource to learn how to do new things, explore far away places and learn how other people are living around the world.

Freebies for Kids

If you’re home with the kids, keeping them entertained and busy is challenging. But you’ll be happy to know there are also freebies for kids to help during the lockdown.

For instance, check out England Netball for free netball drills. Another option is This Girl Can, which as a lot of activities for kids.

There are also free tours for kids such as Chester Zoos Virtual Zoo Day videos. These are a fun way for kids to take a visit to the zoo right from home. For additional ideas, just do a Google search to find other zoos offering virtual tours. Your kids will love it (and so will you)!

These are some of the free resources available online that can help you and the kids get through lockdown. There’s plenty of free entertainment, courses, tours and more to satisfy your curiosity and even make productive use of your time during lockdown!