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Are you looking for ways to get in shape and lose weight? Then we have some ways you can do this and avoid the cost of a gym membership!

While getting in shape can be challenging, with consistent effort it’s possible to become healthier and fitter at the same time. We’ve put a list of methods you can use to lose those unwanted pounds!

1). Use Free Fitness Apps

Most of us have smartphones and other mobile devices. There are apps for just about anything, including getting in better shape! You might consider apps such as the 7 Minute Workout app, which available on both Android and iOS.

Another great app to get in shape is Sworkit Fitness, which is also available on iOS and Android. These apps are great for home workouts. Plus, you don’t need any fancy equipment! Just put on some comfy joggers and comfortable clothes and get started.

Strava is another popular fitness app that makes getting fit a social affair. Strava is a social media platform that puts on the focus on exercise. It allows you to share your cycling, walking, and running jaunts with friends. You can also see what your friends have ben doing and even give them “kudos” for their hard work.

2). Stop Eating Junk Food

Make a commitment to avoid eating junk food. You’d be surprised at how the calories add up for foods that really provide no nutritional value. Think of those pizzas and colas at midnight when you’re studying. No wonder the pounds can creep up!

Instead, go for more healthy foods and snacks that pack a bunch of nutrients, without the calories. Avoid fatty foods and snacks, and over time you’ll see the weight fall off.

3). Drink Water

We mentioned sodas in the last tip—they have a ton of sugar and calories. While they taste good, they really don’t do anything to hydrate you or provide the nutrients you need. So, instead of drinking sodas and other types of beverages, choose to drink water.

Regular water is the best way to stay hydrated. Plus, it has minerals your body needs. If you’re worried about toxins in the water, then consider buying a pitcher and filter. All you have to do is pour the water into the pitcher. The filter will clean the water, and then drip it into the bottom of the pitcher. Keep this in your fridge for a cool, satisfying, hydrating drink any time!

Water helps to remove toxins from the body, as well as speed up your metabolism. Here, again, you’ll be surprised at how much weight you can lose by switching from sodas to water. Oh, and we forgot to mention you’ll also save money by making this switch!

4). Home Workouts with YouTube

YouTube is filled with helpful and entertaining videos. But did you realise you can also find free workout tutorials there, too? You can find all kinds of fitness videos and advice on routines, diets and more.

When you become tired with one routine, or need a challenge, then all you need to do is look for a new video that fits your needs! And it’s all for free!

5). Use Home Exercise Equipment

If you’d like to have some home exercise equipment, you may be able to find some great deals on Amazon. This site has just about everything you could want for cheaper prices.

Other places to grab some great low-priced fitness equipment is on Freecycle and on swap shop sites. The equipment will be used, so be sure to check it out before you take it. Nothing is more frustrating than bringing home fitness equipment that doesn’t work! However, the price is right—free!

6). Head to the Park

Walking outside on a regular basis is a great way to become more fit, especially if you’re just starting out. However, if you’d like to do more challenging workouts, then head to the local park. Many parks offer trails for joggers and those who enjoy biking.

There are also parks that include a fitness trail, where you can find equipment located along the trail as you walk. Just step off the path for a few minutes of vigorous exercise on a free machine in the park. What could be better?

If you prefer walking in the park, consider an app that pays you for each step you take! The app is called Sweatcoin and is available on both Android and iOS. The app uses your phone’s accelerometer and location services to count your steps, and then “translate” them into money! The rate is 1000 steps to 1 sweatcoin (SWC). The sweatcoins you earn are saved in the app, and then can be used in the app’s in-store shop. How fun is that?

7). Workout Inside

If you prefer working out inside, then that’s OK, too, especially if the weather’s not conducive to being out. You can use the workout videos on YouTube (mentioned above) or we have some other ideas that can also help you lose weight. You just have to think a little more creatively.

For instance, do you live in a building that has stairs? Then you can go up and down the stairs several times for a great workout! You can also do squats, star jumps, and more as part of your indoor routine.

Here, too, you can find apps with plenty of advice on how to exercise effectively inside. And remember to use other items you may have on hand. If you don’t have hand weights, for example, then use bottles of water or canned foods as weights! Get creative, but remember to stay safe, too.

There you have it! We said these would be easy and we were serious. The goal with our tips is to find ways to lose weight that work for you. You can combine 2 or more of these tips and watch the weight fall off as you become more fit and healthy! We hope you have a lot of fun in the process!