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Clothing can be expensive, but it’s necessary for every one of us. Just as necessary are those times when you need to buy something new, but if you’re on a tight budget buying new clothes can be challenging.

For this reason, we’ve put together a guide on how to save money when you just have to go clothes shopping. And these are methods to help your clothes last longer, so you don’t have to buy something new very often. In this way, you’ll get more value from the clothes you do buy.

Let’s get started!

1). It’s in the Label

Laundry labels are a great way to see what type and level of care a piece of clothing needs. They’re also the source of information on what the fabric is made of and may also include information on where the clothing was made.

So, learn how to read the laundry labels, though it can be confusing. You can learn more about laundry symbols on the Which? site. This knowledge will let you know if the clothing needs to be hand-washed, dry cleaned or can be washed in the machine. Would you choose to hand-wash or dry clean a piece of clothing? Hand washing can take a lot of time, while dry cleaning can be expensive, to say nothing of the chemicals used. Other care clues include ironing—do you like to iron? If not, avoid clothing that requires ironing, hand washing or dry cleaning every time it’s worn.

As to where an item was made, this can also give clues as to how the garment may fit. For instance, clothing made in countries where people are generally shorter, with smaller builds may not fit a someone who is tall and has a large build. It can happen because sizing varies by manufacturer, retailer, etc. So, check to see where the garment was made—it could give you a clue as to how it will fit. With this in mind, it’s not always the case. So, go ahead and try the clothing on to see if the fitting works or not.

2). Stay Away from Trends

It’s not that you shouldn’t be trendy, but when you live on a budget trendy clothes are going to be a more expensive option. The reason is because trends come and go quite quickly. Even if you buy an item on sale, the chances are it will soon be out of fashion and the trend will have moved on. Then you’ve wasted good money on something that’s out of style. And it may sit in your closet or head off to the charity. That’s not getting good value for your money.

Instead of trendy, go for the classic look. These styles and cuts are classics because they’re timeless. It also means these fashions don’t go out of style as quickly as trendy garments. This way you’ll have clothes that last through several years, rather than one, short season. It’s a great way to get more value from your clothing for the money paid. In fact, you could see this is a type of investment.

If you’d like to try something trendy, then stick to inexpensive accent pieces that reflect the current trends. This may include anything from scarves to other accessories. Wear them with your classic styles to update your wardrobe. You’ll appear trendy, without having to invest too much in any one trend. And this will save you money, too.

3). Seek Out Charity Shops in Classy Areas

Just like us, people who live in the classy parts of town need to clean out their closets from time to time. Some of them donate their used clothing to charity shops in their neighbourhoods. Those shops will be filled with fabulous bargains on name brands you can only dream about! And you’ll be able to afford the prices!

Charity shops in “posh” parts of town are great when you need to find that special outfit to wear to a wedding, a job interview or even on a special date. As you shop, it’s easy to see these are quality items.

You’ll be able to enjoy a champagne wardrobe on a beer budget and be able to buy that beautiful dress for the upcoming wedding.

4). Outfits Count

When you’re out shopping, be sure to consider clothing in “outfits.” What does this mean? When you need to buy some new clothes, be sure that they will fit in with your other clothes. This way, you’ll be able to wear it more often, getting more value for your money.

Think of it this way, when you buy a new shirt, you can choose to match it with other bottoms in your wardrobe, such as skirts or pants. You’ll not only have a new piece of clothing to enjoy, but you’ll be able to create new outfits, too.

5). What About Stains?

Have you ever been out shopping and found a beautiful blouse or sweater? It was the perfect thing, until you noticed the stain. All your focus then goes to the stain and you wonder what the substance is, will it come out with washing, and more. Stains can be a real downer. However, there is an upside to stains!

First, consider where the stain is located. Is it in a prominent area? Is it in a place that can be covered up with a scarf or other accessory? Next, consider if the stain looks like something that can be cleaned with stain remover treatments.

If the price is right and the stain isn’t too big or in a very prominent place, then consider asking the cashier or store manager if they’ll come down on the price. It does work sometimes, so don’t hesitate to ask. If they won’t come down on the price, you’ll need to decide if the price is low enough to warrant taking a chance on stain removal working or not. If you think it’s a good bet, then go for it!

We hope these tips help you find bargains on clothes that will add a timeless touch to your wardrobe. Have fun shopping and avoid those trends!