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Everyone loves a good freebie, especially when it’s something we love. To make it even easier to find a freebie that’s really worth having, Fab Freebies have put together a personality quiz! Take the quiz and read on to find out what freebie suits you.


1.You’ve booked a week off work, how do you like to spend your time?

a . A trip to the spa
b. Anything, as long as it’s active!
c. Painting, creating, making something new
d. Hopping on a plane to a new destination
e. A trip to a food and drinks festival
f. Changing up my homes interior/doing a deep house clean
g. Sorting out financials/getting my paperwork in order
h. Gaming into the early hours, of course!

2. It’s your birthday, what present are you hoping for?

a. A day at the spa
b. New running shoes
c. A watercolour set
d. A trip for two to Paris
e. A trip to my favourite restaurant
f. Furnishings for the home
g. New stationery
h. A new game
Dream profession

3. What’s your dream job?

a. No job – holiday everyday, please!
b. Investment banker
c. Fitness model
d. Chef
e. Artist
f. Writer
g. Game tester
h. Interior designer

Got three of the same letter or three completely different letters? That’s OK – take a look at what your personality types say about you and get yourself a load of freebies!


Skincare & Beauty Blogger (A-H)

So you discovered your interests lie in Skincare and Beauty? Then you must spend a lot of your wages on makeup and skincare and be up to date with the latest products on the market.  

It’s time to get excited because Fab Freebies have a great haul of cosmetics and solutions, so check out our free health and beauty products section. From free razors, makeup, skincare, beauty and haircare samples to fitness equipment – our freebies and coupons let you try out your favourite products. They can be delivered straight to your door, so be quick! 


Fitness Fanatic (B)

If you’re a gym enthusiast, then we know you are the type of person who can’t sit still. You are constantly keeping track of your meals and nutrition and you can’t get on with your day without gym sessions or playing your favourite sport. It’s time to feel inspired!

Take a look at our gym memberships to get you hyped to do more of what you love. Get free gym passes, now lockdown restrictions are easing. Or if you’re looking for ways to sweat it out in the comfort of your home, get access to home workouts perfect for anyone – including HIIT and yoga.


Arts & Crafts (C)

If you’re looking for free activity packs as a creative whizz, or new paint brushes, colouring pencils, sewing kits – we have something for you in our Arts & Crafts category. 

We may be making our way out of lockdown, but if you’re still looking to keep yourself occupied all the arts and crafts activities and samples listed are free of charge. 

Also, if you’re a parent and looking to keep the kids occupied, fill your weekend with a range of arts and crafts supplies!


Jet Setter (D)

So you’re a jet setter? Well then, you definitely have your passport to hand at all times and a worn-out suitcase. Now we are heading out of lockdown, you’ll definitely be looking for a free holiday or weekend getaway. 

Have a look at our Travel category, for free travel brochures, travel vouchers, and a chance to win free trips! A majority of our trips include free flights, accommodation, and free transfers while you’re there.

Or if you prefer a quick staycation during the weekend, you can win a free weekend getaway. But check out our Days Out section for exciting upcoming events, shows, and days out with your friends and family. 


Foodie (E)

Are you always thinking about food? Do you plan out your meals for the day, from the minute you wake up? Our list of coupons and vouchers can bag you food freebies and save a few pounds on your regular shops! 

If you’re not an extreme couponer and haven’t got the time, you can check our page for the latest free coupons, vouchers, merchandise, gift cards. We keep this regularly updated for you to prevent having to scour the internet for hours! 

Check out our blog for more information on food coupons and how to find them here. 


Eco-cleaner & Home Proud (F)

Do you spend your day in a homeware shop, scouring for fabrics and furnishing? Do you take pride in making sure your home is spotless? If so, we have put together the best freebies to get your creative juices flowing in the Household and Cleaning sections. 

Some of our favourite items include store gift cards, discounts on household goods and furnishing samples. Our cleaning freebies include bottles of disinfectants, colour catcher samples, dishwasher tablets, and other cleaning supplies. Check it out to save some money on interior design and weekly cleans!


Account Holder (G)

If you’re the person who is always organised at home and at work, Fab Freebies has got you covered. Check out our Business Stuff section to get freebies on software, apps, accounting, and stationary to help you keep everything in order. 


Tech Guru & Gamer Mad (H)

Are you obsessed with having the latest gadgets, games, and technology? Well, you’re in luck, because if you want to be the first to trial them, check out the Technology section. 

Turn your home into a smart home and get the best deals to work from home efficiently and keep yourself entertained. So, whether you’re searching for a free smartwatch, laptop, broadband package, smart home gadgets – you name it, we have it! 

And there you have it, exclusive information on where you can get the best freebies that suit you the most. So check out Fab Freebies and download our app to make sure you are prepared!