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Five Top Summer Freebies

We are certain that you and everyone you know must be ready to get some amazing summer freebies! After cancelled holidays and altered plans, it may not be exactly the summer we expected, but we can still enjoy ourselves at no extra cost this year.

Get your Glow on

We may not be able to spend time tanning on a sunny beach this summer, however, who says you need real sun power to look the part? Home Tester Club are looking for testers to try out the Amber Solaire No Streaks Body Mist for free. You can get the perfect summer glow without even stepping out of the house, so why not give it a go?

Keep the Kids Busy

School holidays mixed with nagging kids can be enough to drive any parent round the bend, so ensure the kids are constantly preoccupied with plenty to do! The National Trust has so many amazing free events available for families across the UK. Help the kids disconnect from their iPads or games consoles and watch them engage with the amazing world around them. See what’s available near you and make the most of these free days out!

Stay Safe in the Sun

Sunburn is the fastest way to ruin anything, so don’t let it get in the way of your fun! Even worse, the impact UV damage can have on your health is serious – eye damage, aging skin and cancer are all possibilities when you fail to protect yourself from the sun. Always be sure you’re covering up, and take this opportunity to apply to be on Nivea’s Review Panel. This month, they’re giving out sun care products to their testers, so you could be in with a chance of keeping your skin safe from sun damage for free!

Find a Festival Near You

Festivals are great ways to get out on a sunny day and soak up some culture or meet new people. However, they can be expensive, with festivals like Leeds Fest normally costing hundreds of pounds for one ticket. Rather than splashing out, why not see what’s going on nearer to you? Find free festivals in your area here and head along to enjoy some food, music, and culture at no cost.

Host a Barbecue

It is fair to say, parties can be pricey for the host; one you have bought food, drinks, or decorations; it is easy to rack up a large bill for one afternoon of festivities. The best way to host a barbeque on a budget is to make it a group effort! If you are inviting lots of people, divide up cost and responsibilities to ensure everyone chips in – someone to bring drinks, someone to buy burgers, maybe even someone to bring a speaker and sort out the music! If everyone does their bit, you can have a wonderful gathering at a way smaller cost than you might think.

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