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Free Beauty Samples Made for Holidays!

Our loyal Fab Freebie fans will know that receiving freebies is fantastic all year round, but I think we can agree beauty freebies really come in handy during summer, or for those weekends away. Even the smallest free samples – were made for taking on holidays abroad or on those perfect staycations. Read on to find out why…

Free samples are space and weight savers

The most useful freebies are those free perfume samples. You do not need to lug your favourite perfume bottle across the globe. It adds unnecessary weight to your suitcase, could break in transit and even go off in high heat or altitude!
As they are so small and light weight. You can take a few options and try out new fragrances that you may not want to shell out for. The perfume adverts are always telling us their fragrance is perfect for ‘day’ or perfect for ‘night’. Let’s face it, – most of us can’t afford the luxury of having specific fragrances to suit different times of day! Get your collection of designer perfume freebies ( Think Chanel No. 5) and live your best life, spritzing new fragrances on your holiday! Rotating your perfumes also means you will be able to smell them for longer.

A few perfume samples will contain enough to last the length of your holiday. They weigh next to nothing so you can even pop them in your handbag for instant top-ups. Samples are also ideal for saving more space in your luggage for your fave holiday outfits!

Free samples help beat baggage charges

Taking full-size beauty products on holiday can take up valuable space. Replacing regular products with smaller samples could mean you can take hand-luggage or not filling the car up as much. Travelling light and avoiding potential baggage fees is a win, win situation!

Most free skincare samples come in sachets or 30ml travel-sizes which when traveling abroad or just super easy to pack. They fit nicely into those small plastic bags so there is no need to decant beauty essentials into travel bottles – saving both time and money!

Freebies save you money on miniatures

It is ridiculous how beauty brands charge you more money just for putting a smaller amount of product into a miniature bottle. Clever marketing makes us think that you are saving cash and travelling light, but actually the cute miniatures that you can find on the beauty counters are a total fad and are there to catch you out when rushing around making last-minute holiday purchases. Save your money, collect as many free samples and beauty freebies as you can – they are the same thing but instead of an over-priced price tag they’re completely free!

If you collect lots of the same sachets, why not put them into a mini beauty jar and turn a lot of free samples into one neat freebie.

TOP TIP: stash away ‘7-day supply’ skincare freebies, as they are perfect for knowing exactly how long freebies will last while you are away.

They keep your make-up and beach bag light!

You may think twice about claiming free foundation samples but they are so worth taking advantage of!  When organising that holiday make-up bag, a small one-week supply vs a full- sized bottle will free uploads of space for those extra holiday bits like bronzer and lip glosses, and colourful eyeshadows.

Wherever you go away, you will more than likely need extra skincare products that you would not normally need. Such as after sun or a bb/cc cream rather than full foundation. This could involve carrying more bottles than usual, but free samples can help solve this problem! You can get free ThisWorks Beauty product samples to keep your bag nice and light.

Keep your favourite fragrances and beauty products safe

There is nothing worse than taking your favourite beauty products, fragrances or makeup away with you for them to get lost, broken or spoilt while away. Heat can melt products, spoil perfume and cause liquid make-up to separate so it is best to keep anything expensive or special safely tucked up at home.

Free samples often come in small sachets and tubes which are made for travel. They are Super compact and they can be thrown away before you return home – freeing up space for gifts for loved ones!

Before you discard, or use up any free samples, remember this blog and how handy free samples are whenever you travel, whether it is a weekend trip, traveling abroad, or even traveling for work!

If you want to find out more about Free Beauty Samples make sure to check out the website regularly or download the Fab Freebies app