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Free Items Website

Welcome to Fab Freebies!

Here, you’ll find information about who we are, how things work, and how to get free items on our website. Let’s get started!

Would you like to try out a free items website? Then why not consider Fab Freebies? We search the Internet for the best freebies every day. These include free samples and products that are given away by companies located in the UK. Plus, we make it fun for you to find new freebies!

Who We Are

Before we get started on how our site works, let us tell you a bit about who we are. Fab Freebies is a part of Kerching and Win Ltd. Our site was launched back in early 2020, with the goal of providing you with the best freebies, free samples, free items, free competitions and even ways to earn money online!

Every day we search the Internet for only the best free items, new offers and competitions. So, be sure to visit our website every day to find offers you’d like to receive! We’ve made our site user-friendly and easy to use, so you’ll have fun and get to fine free stuff fast!

Free Items Website

How to Get Free Items

It’s really easy to find free items on our website. All you need to do is browse our Get Free Stuff webpage. When you reach that page, you can choose to search in different ways:


Use the search box: just type in a product you’re interested in and see if we have a freebie available. Type in the name of the product, and then hit “Enter” and if we have that product available, it will show up in the search results.


 Use the “Browse categories” function: here, just click the down arrow in the box for “Browse categories.” Choose a category that has products you may like, then the page will present you with the results of free items from that specific category.


Scrolling through the freebies: you can also simply scroll through the freebies available on the “Get Freebies” page. Just scroll down and find an offer you’d like!

Once you’ve found a free item, you can choose to review more information about the offer by clicking the “More Info” button. Or you can go directly to the website of the company sponsoring the freebie by clicking on the “Get Offer” button.

When you’re on the company’s freebie offer page, be sure to read through all of their instructions. That way you’ll know what’s required to get the freebie. In most cases, you may be asked to provide some simple personal details including your name and address. This information is needed to send you the freebie via post.

Once you’ve filled the online form with your information, just hit “Submit” and that’s it! Now all you have to do is wait for your freebie to come to your house in the mail! This may take up to 28 days, but the time period may vary for each offer.

That’s all there is to it!

Why Do These Companies Give Away Free Items?

Companies give away free items for various reasons, but it’s mostly part of their marketing strategy:


Gain new customers: by giving away free trial sizes and samples of new products, companies know they may be able to attract new customers. The idea is that new customers will try the freebies, and if they’re happy with the sample, they may be willing to buy the full-sized product in the future.


Promos: companies may choose to give away free stuff as part of the promotion of a new product or new line of products. This way customers can try a sample of the product, without having to pay full price. They can decide if they like the product or not, and then share their thoughts about the product across social media, with family and friends. This a way to get free advertising for new products, too!


Building their reputation: a company may give away free item as part of a strategy to boost or improve their reputation and branding. Freebies can be given in exchange for social media reviews, shares, and more.


Building a customer database: giving away freebies is also a great way for customers to build a database of customers for a newsletter. In the future, when a new product is released, the company can then contact these customers directly with free offers, reduced prices, and more for trying the new product. This is a great way to increase sales, as well as promoting new products and services.

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What Types of Free Items Are Available on Fab Freebies?

You’ll find a wide variety of free items on our site. Here are some examples of freebies you may find available:

  • Waldo: Free pack of daily contact lenses
  • 7th Heaven Face Masks
  • Nikwax Fabric Conditioner
  • Rituals Body Cream
  • Nike Trainers
  • English Tea Shop Gift Set
  • And more

We strive to bring you fun free items every day! So, be sure to check our site for new free stuff each day!

Who Sends the Free Items?

We don’t stock the free items on our site, instead, the freebies are offered by companies including.

Our special offers can change daily, but you’ll always find freebies from companies you already know and love! This is why it pays to visit our site each day—you never know what great offers may be waiting for you!

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Is There a Charge to Use the Site?

We’re happy to say no, there’s no charge to use this site! We are a community website that enjoys finding and sharing great free items with you!

Our goal is to be the biggest, best and most fun freebie community in the UK! So, have fun and enjoy the freebies available on our site every day!

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