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Free Samples From Major Companies

Welcome to Fab Freebies!

Here, you’ll find information about who we are, how things work, and how to get free samples from major companies. Let’s get started!

How would you like to earn free samples from big companies? It’s possible on Fab Freebies! It is possible to earn free stuff from your favourite brands. And it ‘s a great way to help save when the budget is tight. You may even have the chance to try free products before they hit the shelves!

Some people believe that free samples are only rubbish, and they’re not worth the time and effort to find. But that’s simply not the case. Researching freebies doesn’t have to take a lot of time, especially on our site. The search is easy and fun, and we have tons of great free samples from major companies!

Free samples from major companies

What Types of Free Items are Available on Fab Freebies?

Still not convinced? Then check out this list major brands that are currently offering freebies:

  • Loaf scented candles
  • Sky
  • Cadbury
  • Smol
  • Yankee Candles
  • KFC
  • Salonpas
  • Nixwax
  • Pampers
  • And more

These are all recognised brands that have great products. Just looking at this list, you could get a sweet snack from Cadbury, some free KFC hot wings, so much more!

And it pays to visit our site every day. That’s because each day we add new freebies to the site!

Who Sends the Free Samples from Major Brands?

This is another great question we often here! We don’t stock the free samples from major brands on our site. Instead, the freebies are offered by companies such as:

  • Tesco
  • Pampers
  • Nivea
  • Fairy
  • Gillette
  • Dove

How to Find Free Stuff on Our Site

We’ve made it very easy to find free stuff on our website. In fact, it’s so easy that all you need to do is browse our Get Free Stuff Page. When you’re on that page, then you can use the search function in different ways.

1). Use the Search Box

Just type in the name of the product or brand you’re interested in and see if we have a free item available. Hit “Enter,” and if we have a freebie for that item or product, it will show up in the search results. That’s it!

2). Use the “Browse Categories” Feature

Here’s another way to search—head to the search box and choose the “Browse Categories” feature. Just click the down arrow, and a list will appear. Review the list and when a category grabs your attention, click on it.

3). Scrolling the Freebies Page

This is another option! If you’d rather have fun reviewing all of our freebies, then scroll down the free stuff page. You’ll find a wide variety of free samples from massive businesses! How fun is that?

After choosing a freebie, here’s what you do. You can choose either “Get Freebie,” which takes you directly to the sponsor’s website, or to learn more about the freebie first, click on “More Info.” On the “More Info” page you’ll find additional information about the freebie. If it sounds interesting, just click the “Get Freebie” button on that page, and you’ll be taken to the sponsor’s website

On the sponsor’s site, you’ll usually be asked to provide them with a few personal details. These may include your first and last name, your address and phone number. These may be required in order for the company to send the freebie to you in the post.

It can about 28 days for your freebie to show up in the post, but this time varies for each offer. But when the freebie shows up, it will feel like a gift—and it’s free! What could be better?

Is There a Charge for Using Our Site?

We’re happy to say no! There’s never a charge to use our site. We are a community website and we have fun searching for great free stuff to share with you!

Our goal is to be the biggest, best, and most fun freebie community in the UK. So, we make this site fun and easy to use. You’ll have more fun and find more value by visiting the site every day—for free!

Freebies from major companies

Who Are We?

Before we go much farther, we’d like to introduce ourselves. We’re Fab Freebies, which is a part of Kerching and Win Ltd. Our site was last in early 2020 and our aim is to provide you with the best freebies that are available online.

Along with our freebies, we scour the Internet looking for the best free samples, free competitions, and even ways to earn real money online! Plus, our blog shares tips and tricks for earning money, finding freebies, and even how to save money.

We try to put as much value into the site as possible to help you save money, have fun, and earn money on the side! Our site has been made user-friendly and make it easy to find those freebies you’d like.

So, be sure to visit our site each day to find the new offers we’ve added. You’ll have fun—it can feel like finding a wrapped present waiting for you! When you find the perfect freebie, it’s sent directly to your home. What could be more fun?

compare samples

How Often Are New Freebies Available?

New free samples from major companies are available every day! We update the site with new freebies we find on a daily basis. In fact, you can be one of the first to get a freebie by joining our newsletter and liking our Facebook page!

We hope you have a ton of fun earning some great free samples from major companies!

Why Do These Major Companies Give Away Free Stuff?

These major companies give away free items as a way to attract new customers. This is a type of advertising that allows the company to get product samples into the hands of real people. Then they appreciate the free reviews of the products—positive and negative. This helps companies spot problems with products before they hit the store shelves.

Plus, if you like the samples, then you may be more than happy to buy the product in the store!

major companies free samples