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Money can be awfully short when you’re a university student. Each year it seems that money becomes even tighter, making it difficult to stay on a budget. You have to pay for everything from tuition and books, to clothing, rent, food, clothes and more. Overspending can wreak havoc with your budget, too.

Bargains are a great way to save money and manage your budget. However, getting stuff for free is even a better deal!

We’re here to help you learn how to get free stuff if you’re a university student! These are all legitimate methods you can use to get some great free stuff if you’re a student. Let’s get started!

1). Freshers’ Fair

These are generally society fairs sponsored by university clubs and societies. These “fairs” usually come near the end of Freshers’ Week, which is near the beginning of the school year. During this time, students can choose which clubs and societies to join. However, this is a great place to score some great freebies, too!

Many of the clubs and societies want to attract new members. During Freshers Fair, they’ll generally have lots of free stuff to give away. These may include anything from t-shorts, free pends and more. With these freebies you can add to your wardrobe and have enough pens to get through university and beyond!

2). Sign Up for Free Trials

Free trials is a great way to get access to some freebies. You can find a wide range of services available. Here, think of Netflix, which offers a free month. You’ll have enough time to binge your favourite movies and shows! Another great freebie for students is the 6 month free trial of Amazon Prime, which also includes Prime Video.

The key with these types of freebies is to remember to cancel them as soon as the trial period ends. Otherwise, you may end up paying a monthly fee for the service, which can sometimes be pretty expensive on a student’s budget. To remind yourself to end the service, try setting a reminder on a to-do app, or even the calendar on your phone or other device.

3). Local Free Listings

Do you need some furnishings for your apartment or student dorm? Then check out the free listings on sites such as Freecycle and Gumtree. You’ll find free furniture and more on these sites. Some items may even be from previous students or those who are currently at the university. Graduates are famous for wanting to ditch their stuff before moving on to their new lives. Many of them will give stuff away for free just to get rid of it.

Other places to look for free local stuff is on Local Facebook groups, where you can also find everything from furniture to clothing and more.

4). Free Product Samples

Many companies give away free samples as a form of advertising, with the goal of finding new customers. They may give away samples and freebies of many types of products including makeup, food, books, health products and more. You can find samples on sites such as Here you’ll find a great variety of free stuff. Just visit each day to catch the newest freebies and latest offers!

5). Enjoy Free Entertainment!

When it comes to having a fun night out, there’s no need to overspend and ruin your budget! Instead, check your university to see if there’s any free entertainment available on campus. This may be student nights, comedy nights and more. Most of the time these are free, and all you need is your student ID to enter.

Another place to look for free entertainment is at the student union and on student bulletin boards on campus.

For off-campus entertainment, check out places that allow you to join for free with your student ID. Some of these venues, such as the E4 Slackers Club, allow students to attend special event movie previews each month and they’re free!

6). Birthday Freebies

Many companies send out free offers and freebies to university students on their birthdays. You may receive newsletters, loyalty scheme offers, and more. These all allow you to access freebies and other goodies on your birthday! You may score anything—including a free birthday cupcake!

7). Free Museum Admission

If you don’t have anything to do or you need a break from studies, then be sure to check out your local museums. Many offer free admission for students. These include museums, art galleries and more. There’s a lot you can go out and explore as you unwind. Everything’s free—so why not get out and enjoy a free museum and explore some great history. Or you can choose to visit a gallery and view some exquisite art—all for free!

8). Free Calls Abroad & at Home

If you’re feeling homesick or missing your sweetheart, but you don’t have the funds to travel, then check out some free calling options! There are apps such as FaceTime and Skype that let you make free calls to family, friends and yes, your sweetheart, too. You can use these apps for free via WiFi. Note that on apps such as Skype, the person you’d like to call will also need to have the app installed and an account set up in order to receive your calls for free. Just think of it—free calls home or abroad! What could be better?

9). Free Food

There are some ways you can get some free food, too. All you need is your student ID, and then attend supermarket openings, eat out on your birthday (for free with your ID), and more. You may score some great food and even drinks (alcohol)!

10). Launch Days

These are a great way to grab some free things. This may include anything from free food & drinks, free stationery and more. All you have to do is attend new launches of stores, bars, or even attend a student event. Just check out your local media and social media channels to find launch days and go grab some freebies!

We promised to share several ways you can enjoy freebies and that each would be legitimate! We hope you can take advantage of several of these and have fun as you earn some freebies! You’ll have fun without breaking the bank!