Free Personalised Storybook

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WOW! At beans&sparks you can now get your first personalised kids storybook for free! You just need to pay £1.99 for postage and packaging.

Children will be enchanted with the learning journey they personally go on in The Day I Became a Superhero. In the story, the child explores different ways to become a superhero and has imaginative ideas involving physical activities and environmental solutions. The charming illustrations take the child on a journey where they learn there is more than one way to achieve their goals.

Activities and experiences that help children develop a positive sense of themselves are important for this age group, and The Day I Became a Superhero reinforces this, leading to more self-confidence.

beans&sparks books are designed to engage a child and empower them through the story. The collection is structured using the EASY framework—Emotions, Adventure, Science, creativitY—and The Day I Became a Superhero focuses on Emotions and shows the importance of resilience.


To claim this amazing offer, click the ‘Get Freebie’ button below and you will be redirected to the linked page where you can enter your child’s name on their website and personalise the character to look like your child. You will receive your first book shortly after ordering.