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Free Things Website

Welcome to Fab Freebies!

Here, you’ll find information about who we are, how things work, and how to get free things on our website. Let’s get started!

Who we are

We’re Fab Freebies, a part of Kerching and Win Ltd. Our site launched early in 2020, and from that day to now, we’ve made it our goal to find only the best free samples, free competitions, , ways to earn money (real cash!), and more.

On our site, each day, you can find new free stuff to choose from. We add new offers and competitions, so come by and visit our site each day. Just browse through the offers on the site—it’s easy! We’ve made the site fun and user-friendly, so you’ll have a great time searching for fun free stuff.

Come on and check us out! We’re here to help you find the best free stuff every day!

Free Things Website

How Does It Work?

That’s a great question! Each day, all you have to do is search through our website and look for free stuff. When you find a fabulous freebie, just click the “Get Freebie” button, then you’ll be taken to the sponsor’s website. Then just follow the directions on their site to get the free offer.

Most of these freebies do ask that you provide a few personal details. Don’t worry! They’ll usually ask for your name and address so they can send you the great free stuff. When you’ve filled in the form, click the “Submit” button, and that’s it!

Then you just have to wait for your free stuff. It may take up to 28 days for your freebie to arrive. Bear in mind that this is the average time period; it could take a little longer than this to get your free stuff.

How do you use our free things website? 

All you need to do is visit our free stuff page. Here, you can search in two different ways for some great freebies!


On the freebies offer page, just scroll down the page, view the free offers, and choose one that sounds great to you. When you find a fun offer, click on the “More Information” button. Then you’ll be taken to a new page on our site that provides more information about the freebie, and what you’ll need to do to get the free stuff.


On the freebies offer page, you can use the search box to find the freebie you want. Just under the search box, you’ll find some additional filters to help your search. You can browse categories and choose one. You can also use the sort freebies function, which sorts free stuff results from A-Z, Z-A, the most popular sort option or the just added products to find the newest offers.

Once you’ve filled in the search box and used any filters you prefer, just click the “Search” button, and this will bring up some search results for you. Just choose from the free samples and freebies that you like.

After choosing the freebie offer, it’s a good idea to review the sponsor’s requirements to get the freebie. Some offers may ask that you sign up for a service, join a website, and more. Make sure that you’re OK with the requirements and then click on the “Get Freebie” button.

On the new page, the sponsor may request some personal details, such as your name, address, and maybe some other information. They need this information in order to send your free stuff.

These requirements will vary, so do read the instructions carefully before giving your personal details.

Do You Offer Other Freebies, too? 

Yes! We take a lot of time to find a wide range of free stuff online in various categories. You can find free supplies for baby, snack boxes, delicious free food from restaurants you love, and more. We do our best to find only the greatest freebies for you.

Our free stuff changes every day! The best way to score some great freebies is to visit our site every day and see what offers are available. You can also find unique offers by visiting our Facebook page and signing up for our newsletter. We’ll send the best offers directly to your inbox! How easy is that?

website for free things

Why Use Our Free Things Website Site?

We’re dedicated to only finding the best freebies and free stuff for you every day. We even bring you the latest freebies before anyone else!

You’ll find some fun ways to score freebies on our site. We offer:

  • Special offers
  • Fun competitions
  • Free Stuff
  • Hot bargains
  • Discount vouchers
  • Money making ideas (so you can earn cash!)

You can also sign up for our newsletter to receive daily freebies directly to your inbox, and visit our Facebook page to find some unique freebies.

Who Sponsors the Free Things?

We don’t stock the freebies you’ll find on this site. Instead, they’re offered by sponsors, who are companies that give away free samples and free stuff. You’ll find some top brand name freebie sponsors on our site. These are big name brands you recognise—we find only their best offers on our site!


Why Do Companies Give Away Free Products?

You might think of it as a form of advertising. Many companies give away products and samples as a way to get new customers.

In return, you receive benefits, too. You can try freebies of new products, without having to spend anything. It’s just plain fun to get free stuff in the post, too!

Is There a Charge for Using the Site?

Never! We will never charge you for using our website. We’re a community website, and our aim is to help you find the best free stuff available online.

And our goal is to be the biggest and best freebie site in the UK.

Our website is always free to use and have some great fun!

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