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Freebie Giveaway

Welcome to Fab Freebies!

Here, you’ll find information about who we are, how things work, and how to get free things on our website. Let’s get started!

Do you like to get free things? What about a freebie giveaway? If that sounds like fun, then you’ve come to the right website! You can have fun grabbing some free stuff and then having it sent directly to your home! What could be better than that? 

Here, at Fab Freebies, our goal is to find the best freebie giveaways online and make them easy for you to find on our website. We share only the best free giveaway available on the Internet. Then we load them onto our site, where you can review the available giveaways and participate in those that most appeal to you. It’s that easy! And so much fun!

Freebie Giveaway

How to Get Started

All you have to do to get started is visit our “Get a Freebie” webpage, where you’ll find great free giveaways for you and your family. When you’re on the page, you can search in a couple of different ways:


Scroll the page: this is easy—all you have to do is scroll down the page of free offers available that specific day. As you scroll, look for items and offers that look interesting to you. This might be something you need or would just enjoy—either way you save money by getting the item for free!


Use the “Browse Categories” function: this is another great and easy way to search for freebies. All you have to do is click the down arrow, and then choose a category of product you’d like to take a look at. When you find a category, just click on it, and then the results will load below the search box. Just scroll through the available freebies until you find one you’d like.


Search box: one more way to search is by typing the name of a product or company into the search box, and then hitting “enter.” Below the search box you’ll see all the freebies that fit the words you typed in. If you chose a manufacturer or company, then you may notice more than one product is available. Just choose the one you want and click on the picture to learn more about the freebie.

When you find an offer you like, then click on the “Get Info” button to learn more about this offer. If you’re interested in the item, then click “Get Freebie.” After clicking this button, you’ll be taken to a new page, which will be the sponsor’s website. 

free stuff give aways

On this page, you may find additional information about the offer, along with instructions on how to get the offer. There’s also usually an online form they ask you to fill out. The form may ask for some personal information including your first and last name, mailing address, phone number, and email address. This information is needed in order to send you the free giveaway. After filling out the form, just hit the submit button and that’s all you need to do! Then just wait for your freebie to show up in the post at your home. That’s it! It’s fun and easy to get free giveaways.

​What Companies Offer Free Giveaways

We scour the Internet looking for a wide range of companies and sponsors who give away freebies you’ll enjoy. In fact, you’ll recognise the name of some of your favourite brands including.

These companies offer some great free products that you and your family will enjoy! Plus it’s fun getting free stuff in the post! 


Visit Every Day to Find the Best Free Giveaways!

Our site is easy and fun to use and we make it worth your time. Every day we include new free giveaways on our site. Some of these freebies may only be available for a short time period, while others are available to the first x number of people (for instance, the first 100 people). Once the period has passed or the number of people has taken advantage of the deal, the free offers close and are not longer available. This is why it’s important to visit our site every day, so you don’t miss out on these valuable, fun free things!

Here’s another tip—you can sign up for our free newsletter to learn about the most recent freebies added to the site! When we add a new freebie, you’ll be notified. Then you’ll be able to get ahead of the pack and get access to the most valuable free giveaways. 

One more tip—you can also like and visit our Facebook page every day. The reason is that we sometimes find a great freebie but don’t include the information in our newsletter. Instead, we make this an exclusive offer to those on our Facebook page!

See, we give you multiple ways to stay in the know about some of the greatest freebies online! You’ll never have to miss out on those valuable free giveaways if you follow these tips!

What Types of Free Giveaways Are Available? 

The freebies can change every day, but to give you an idea, here are some that were available when this post was published: 

  • £200 Asda Voucher 
  • Free Loaf scented candle samples
  • Free Sky package for a year
  • Free £100 Deliveroo gift card
  • Ring Video Doorbell
  • Estee Lauder skincare essentials
  • And more

As you can see, these are name brands that you’ve become familiar with over the years! Each of these free giveaways provides you with a valuable free sample or free stuff! What could be better than that?

What if my Free Giveaways Haven’t Arrived? 

It can take up to 28 days to receive your free stuff in the post. This is because the processing time can be longer for some freebies, especially if the offer is especially popular. If you haven’t received your freebies in that time, then we recommend directly contacting the company via email. Ask them when you might expect the freebie to arrive in the post. 

We hope you have a great time earning some fun free giveaways here on our site!