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Have you ever heard about mystery shoppers? Wouldn’t it be great to go out and shop and earn money for it? Sounds great! But is there a catch? Is this real?

We’re here to tell you about how to become a mystery shopper and earn money in the process!

What is a Mystery Shopper?

A mystery shopper, sometimes also called a secret shopper, is a person hired by companies to shop. Companies want to see how they appear in the eyes of their customers, so hiring a mystery shopper is one way to do this.

Mystery shoppers are assigned places to work such as a restaurant, brand name clothing retailer and more. They watch to see how shop staff behave and perform, if they offer excellent customer services and if employees need training on any specific points. In addition, a secret shopper may also be asked to give a general review of how the store is run.

Why Do Companies Hire Mystery Shoppers?

Companies that hire mystery shoppers are able to gain invaluable information from the shoppers, without having to visit the stores themselves. Retailers want to make sure customers are happy, that they come back on a regular basis, and insure their in-store customer service meets expectations. In other words, companies want to make sure the store measures up and provides a good reflection on the company and its brand.

Mystery shoppers are one great way to get this done.  They offer impartial insights and advice, which helps businesses improve and hang on to new customers. The information gained may even help them to appeal to new customers.

Why Should I Apply to Become a Mystery Shopper?

By becoming a mystery shopper, you’ll supply companies with a valuable service. Your insights can actually help improve the quality of retailers and other businesses.

Not only that, but this is a fun way to earn money. You can use the money to help pay for household expense, or possibly to start a savings account. In order to really benefit from this type of work, it’s important to see it as a fun way to earn a little more money, get free meals or receive other perks.

What Type of Person Makes the Best Mystery Shopper?

We have a quick answer for that question—anyone can be a great mystery shopper! If you’d like to earn extra money in your spare time, this is a great way to do it. You can use lunch hours, work in between classes, after work, and more. You may even be able to work in the evening, as these jobs are given for all different hours of the day.

This is a great way to earn part-time, flexible income. You can work when you want or when you have more time. Mystery shopping is great for everyone including students, stay-at-home moms, retirees and more.

What Do Mystery Shoppers Do?

That’s a great question! This job isn’t only about shopping. In fact, as a mystery shopper, you can have a wide range of work—everything from buying a specific item to eating at a restaurant.

It’s even possible a company could hire you and ask you to behave in a specific way, buy items from healthcare facilities and more. In some cases, you could even score a trip to another country, with the only requirement being to note how the service staff acted and rate the quality of their service.

How Much Does It Pay to Be a Mystery Shopper?

It’s good to understand that this is in no means a reliable source of income. Mystery shopping work varies widely. However, it is a great fun way to earn some extra money here and there.

You may be paid a daily rate by some agencies, or your pay could be the products you receive. If you head to the grocery store as a mystery shopper, your “pay” could be the foods in your basket. You just ever know.

Before getting started, it’s a great idea to check out review of the different agencies. Read about others’ experiences, both good and bad, so you can make an informed decision on a specific company.

How to I Become a Mystery Shopper?

There are many different sites where you can apply to become a mystery shopper. In fact, the more places you sign up, the better your chances of gaining assignments.

Before signing up with an agency:

1). See if they ask for a fee when signing up. If so, avoid these, as they are not legit mystery shopping jobs.

2). Read reviews and research the company. You want to make sure they are for real.

3). Check out the Mystery Shopping Professionals Association to see if the agency is legitimate.  If they’re not listed on this site, then avoid them at all costs.

How to Be a Good Mystery Shopper?

That’s a great question! You want to make sure your skills are better than others, especially with the increase in the numbers of people interested in earning extra cash as a mystery shopper.

You’ll need these skills to stand above the others:

1). Need a good memory: it’s a good idea to take mental note of your experience and write it down as soon as you can. This information is key to the job and important to those who have hired you.

2). Sign up with several agencies: this is a great way to ensure you get work in the beginning. However, do your homework to make sure the sites you sign up with are legitimate (as noted earlier). As you work for more agencies, you can build a portfolio of work.

3). Always keep receipts: it’s important to keep every receipt from your work. Agencies will sometimes ask you to pay with your own money, and then reimburse you later. In order to be reimbursed, you’ll need proof of how much you spent. This is why saving every receipt is crucial.

4). Work regularly: work as often as you can after applying for a mystery shopper job. This way, agencies will see that you’re reliable and that they can count on you to get the information they need. You’ll also gain more experience and knowledge faster.

Mystery shopping can be a great way to earn extra cash doing things you enjoy. It’s a great way to try products and more for free. Just be smart when applying for mystery shopper jobs. Avoid any company that doesn’t look legit. Once you have work, do it regularly and enjoy the fun and extra money you’ll receive!