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Buying cosmetics online can feel like a risk. Have you ever bought products only to find they were out of date or even the wrong colour? There’s a lot that can go wrong when you buy cosmetics online.

However, we’ve put together a guide to help you avoid these issues. Then you can avoid buying products you’ll never use, which is a huge waste of money and the source of huge frustrations. Let’s get started!

1). New Foundation is the Wrong Colour

Have you ever bought a new foundation online only to find it made you look sick? Not only is the wrong colour unflattering, the shade be so ghastly that it actually makes you look sick! If the colour is too reddish or orangey, you may look as if you have a fever. If the foundation has more of a yellow tinge, people may wonder if you have a liver problem.

When you shop in-person for foundation, it’s typical to try a sample on your forearm or face. While the colour may look great under store lighting, when you get outside, you may find the foundation gives your skin a sickly colour and/or look like you’re wearing foundation.

In order to avoid these types of issues with foundation colours, it’s best to use the foundation matrix when shopping online. You can use this tool created by Temptalia—it’s their foundation matrix, which is made to help you find the right brand and shade of foundation for your skin.

The tool is easy to use—just input information on your current foundation brand and colour, and the matrix will match you with other foundations that are similar. Or you can even try new brands that are suggested by the matrix tool. Not only that, but the tool helps you find the best prices on foundation, too.

2). Lip Colour Pigment is Completely Different

This is another common problem when buying cosmetics—finding the right shade or lip colour. You may have a drawer filled with all different shades and brands, none of which you’re very happy with. So, how can you find the right lip colour online?

The rule is to know your undertones. How do you find the right undertones? Here are some methods you can try:

Put on a white t-shirt, and then hold a white sheet of paper next to your face. And don’t have any makeup on! If the paper sheds a bluish or pinkish colour on your skin, then cool colours are the best choice for you. If the paper casts a yellowy shade, then go for warm lip colours.

Cool lip colours will have bases of purple, blue or pink. So, look for mauve, wines, berry and cool reds (with no orangey colour). On the other hand, if you need warm colours, then stick with lip colours that have an orange base such as coral, peach or brick reds.

And if you’re wanting to add a complementary eye shadow to your lip stick colour, then use a colour wheel to find those shades that will go best with your lip stick shade. You won’t go wrong with a colour wheel!

3). You Receive Expired Products

This is another common issue when buying cosmetics online. Have you ever bought foundation, and when it was delivered you found it was expired? Foundation that’s past the expiration date can become sticky and hard to put on. Lipsticks can become dry and crumbly. And expired eye makeup can be downright dangerous and carry bacteria that cause nasty eye infections.

To avoid this issue, it’s always best to check out the site’s return policy before you make a purchase. Some online stores have great exchange policies, while others make it difficult to get a product exchanged or to get your money back. So, always check the store’s return and exchange policies before buying that pretty colour of lipstick.

Doing so also makes it easier to return or exchange a product if the colour just isn’t a good fit.

4). The Product You Receive is Fake

Nothing is worse than ordering a specific brand, then realising it’s a fake once you receive it. Not only that, but fake cosmetics could also pose a health and safety hazard.

To avoid this problem, always buy cosmetics directly from the supplier. This way, you won’t have to worry about receiving fake makeup products.

Here, too, it’s always a good idea to read the online store’s refund and exchange policies before making a purchase. Then you won’t be stuck with a product you can’t use or one that could make you sick.

5). Read Reviews

Another way to avoid unfortunate cosmetic purchases online is to always read reviews. These can be extremely helpful and insightful. Other shoppers share their reviews of the product which could be good or bad.

Pay close attention to those reviews that include negative feedback. You may learn some important details and avoid buying makeup that could cause an allergic reaction, is poor quality, and more.

While this may seem like a tedious process, it’s a good idea to read through several reviews (or more) and glean all the details you can possibly find on a product before making a purchase. You’ll save money and avoid buying a product that will only sit in that drawer or on the shelf unused.

6). Ask Family & Friends

Friends are a wonderful way to learn about beauty products, especially when buying online. You can ask them how it was to shop on the site, inquire about the quality of the product, etc. Your family and friends will probably be more than happy to share their experiences with you!

7). Look for Discounts and Coupons

Rather than paying the listed price for your favourite eye shadow, why not find a discount or coupon to save money? There are many apps and sites that are geared to providing discount codes, coupons, and more to help you save money and enjoy your favourite brands!

These are some great tips to help you find the best products at the best prices! You’ll never have to deal with failed products again!