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How to get coffee for free

This one is for all the coffee lovers out there! To celebrate your love of coffee we have created a guide to getting those free cups of goodness. Have a read, sit back, relax with your free cuppa joe and enjoy that caffeine-buzz.

While most of the offers in our guide are available year-round, there are soooo many more free offers that are available from time to time so keep checking our Food & Drink Section to see what is available! Additionally, if you have a registered Subcard or have their app – it will be loaded with 100 points so that you can claim a free coffee. Enjoy! Now on to all the other ways you can get those coffee freebies…

Mobile rewards

There are so many mobile networks who have rewards apps that have regular freebies as an incentive to be used and chosen. As we know, coffee is the best way to our hearts, and they often give free cups to its users. For Example, every Tuesday and Wednesday you can get a free hot or iced drink with O2!

Although free coffee is not as common, Vodaphone and Three also have rewards apps. It is still normal to have coffee freebies pop up every now and again. For that reason, make sure to check if your network provider has a loyalty app and, if they do, download it so you do not miss out!

Once you have downloaded the app, just check the rewards section and see if a new gift has popped up for you. They offer all sorts of freebies – not just coffee!

Loyalty apps

Many restaurants and cafes have loyalty apps. Pret, Costa, Greggs, McDonald’s and other big-name eateries use these. Download their apps and you may find a free coffee, as well as other treats, waiting for you in their rewards section from time-to-time.

Some Companies, (like Waitrose) reward you free coffee every day!  Just join the Waitrose loyalty scheme, called myWaitrose, and you will be able to get a free coffee from their self-service machine every. single. day. You will just need to make an in-store purchase and bring a reusable cup with you or you will not be able to claim. Please read their T&Cs to see what purchases count.

If you’ve got an IKEA Family card, you can get free coffee for everyone you’re with from Monday to Friday while instore. It’s a great way to keep energised while walking the never-ending path through dream living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms or the perfect  to accompaniment for your Swedish meatballs at lunch.

Welcome gifts

Some companies offer you a free gift just for signing up! Take Greggs for example, Download their app, and you’ll be rewarded with a free cup of coffee just for signing up! Greggs regularly offer free gifts, such as sausage rolls, sweet treats, soft drinks and more, so sign up to make the most of their generosity. We’ve also heard on the grapevine that if you download and register for the Cafe Nero app, you’ll get a free cup of coffee as a welcome gift.

Loyalty cards

Lots of cafes use loyalty cards. These let you earn points for each coffee bought. Once you’ve bought a certain amount, you will be rewarded to a free coffee! These ‘loyalty cards’ can be either physical cards or within their rewards app.

Your local Café may use these as well as bigger chains such as Café Nero, Starbucks, Muffin Break and Costa, just to name a few. So always check to see if they have one and you could soon be earning a free coffee!

Free samples

Loads of companies give out free samples to promote their products, with the hope that those who try will buy it. If you keep an eye on our website and sign up to our alerts, you’ll find lots of free samples of coffee to try. These can range from bags of beans and freshly ground to sachets of instant and even machines & pods. In the past, we’ve had samples from big-name brands, like Carte Noire and Nescafe Azera, as well as smaller, more artisan companies such as Pact.

That’s all for now. We hope you enjoy your free coffee and other freebies!

If you want to find out more about Free Food and Drinks make sure to check out the website regularly or download the Fab Freebies app