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How To Get Free Cleaning Samples

Welcome to Fab Freebies!

Here, you’ll find information about who we are, how things work, and How To Get Free Cleaning Samples. Let’s get started!

Cleaning products can be pretty expensive these days, but they’re a necessary part of life. They are made to safely remove bacteria, viruses, dirt, debris and more. Plus, they keep us safe from infections and are able to reduce allergens in our homes.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could score some great free cleaning samples? We’ve put together some information on how to get free cleaning samples right here on our site!

Who We Are

First, we’ll tell you who we are. We’re part of Kerching and Win Ltd, and we were launched back in early 2020. Our goal is to provide you with the best freebies, free competitions, free samples, and even ways to earn money!

With this goal in mind, each day we add new offers and competitions to our site. Every day, you’ll find new offers to browse through, including free cleaning samples! And we’ve made sure our website is easy to use, so you’ll have fun looking for free stuff every day!

How To Get Free Cleaning Samples

How to get free cleaning samples

It’s easy to find free cleaning samples on our site! All you need to do is visit our Get Freebies page, where you can use the search box or scroll through the offers on the page. If you’re focusing on free cleaning product samples, then you may find it faster to use the search box.

All you have to do is either type the name of a cleaning product into the search box, and then hit enter. Or choose the “Browse Categories” feature, where all you need to do is click on the down arrow, and then choose the “Cleaning” category.

After using one of these search functions, the webpage will reload, and you’ll have a list of free cleaning product samples to review! Just scroll down the page until you seen an offer you’d like to try. Then click the “More info” button to read more information about the product and offer or click the “Get Freebie” button. If you click on that button, you’ll be taken directly to the sponsor’s website, where you’ll find more information about the offer.

Be sure to read through all the information on that page. They may ask for some personal details such as your name and address. The company will need this information in order to send you the freebie. Once you’ve filled out the required information into the form, submit the form. That’s it!

Then all you have to do is wait for your freebie. This can take up to 28 days after you applied for the free cleaning sample, though the waiting period can vary depending on each offer.

Why Do These Companies Give Away Free Samples of Cleaning Products?

Companies give away free samples for various reasons. The main reason is that many companies use these freebies as part of their marketing strategy. Here are some of the most common reasons companies give away free stuff:


Branding: companies may choose to give away free stuff as a way to get their name in front of potential customers. This is very common with new companies, or established companies that have a new product.


Promotion: to increase their sales, a company may give away freebies online. Again, if the company has a new product, they may choose to give away free samples as a way to drive sales. If you like the product, chances are you’ll be willing to pay for the full-sized version later.


To earn reviews: this is a very effective method to gain reviews. This is a great method for them to learn if their products are accepted or not, how the product performs, what issues customers may have with a specific product, and more. This can be done through reviews on online shopping sites, social media, and more.


To increase their newsletter signups: when you apply for a free sample, chances are the company will ask for your name (at least your first name) and your email address. They may let you know that the information will be used to signup for their newsletter, for instance. This way, when a new product comes out later, the company may contact you and others who have signed up for the newsletter. They may choose to send you special offers on new products and more.

Get Free Cleaning Samples

Does Fab Freebies Send the Cleaning Samples?

No, we don’t stock any of the freebies for cleaning samples on our site. Instead, the offers are provided by companies that are giving away freebies. Our freebies come from reputable companies such as Dettol, Smol, Bold, and more.

We include only the best freebies on our site, so you can get free samples of some great cleaning products!

What Types of Free Cleaning Samples Can You Get in the Post?

Our free cleaning sample offerings will vary each day. However, here’s a list of some of the free cleaning samples you can find on our site.

These are some of the offers we’ve had on the site; however, to get the best offers, you’ll need to visit the site every day. You can also sign up for our newsletter and visit our Facebook page to find new offers every day! Free cleaning samples are a popular freebie, so be sure to visit every day!

mr clean

Why Haven’t I Received My Sample?

It can take up to 28 days for a company to process your freebie request. And other times it may take longer, especially if the company has been inundated with requests for a popular freebie.

If you haven’t received your freebie within 28 days, then we recommend that you get in contact with the company that offered the freebie. Be polite and ask them when you can expect to the freebie to arrive.


Is There a Charge for Using this Site?

No! We’ll never charge you for using this site! We’re a community website that enjoys trying to help you find the best freebies and samples possible!

Our goal is to be the biggest, best, and most fun freebie community in the UK!

Cleaning Samples For Free