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How to Get Free Things

Welcome to Fab Freebies!

Here, you’ll find information about who we are, how things work, and how to get free things. Let’s get started!

Who we are

We’re a part of Kerching and Win Ltd, and we were launched in early 2020. Our goal is to provide you with the best freebies, free samples, free to enter competitions and ways to earn money.

Are you interested in getting free things? Would you like to learn how to get free things sent directly to your home? Then read on!

If you’d like to take advantage of some great free things, then you’ve come to the right site. Our goal is to find and offer only the best freebies available online. We’ve made sure our site is friendly and easy to use, so you can find the best free things today!

How to Get Free Things

How to get started

First, just visit our “Get a Freebie” page, where you’ll find loads of great free things for you and your family. Once you’re on the page, just scroll through the freebies on offer that day, and look for anything that you might like to try or enjoy.

When you find a fun freebie, just click on the “Get Info” button to read more about that specific free offer. If you’d like to get it, then click the “Get Freebie” button, which will take you to a new page. This will be a webpage on the site of the company who’s sponsoring the free things.

Once you’re on that page, read through all the instructions to see if you’d like to take advantage of the offer. If so, you may need to provide them with your name and address. This is necessary so they can send you the free stuff in the post. Just enter the required information into the form provided, hit “Enter,” and that’s it! All you have to do is sit back and wait for your free things to come directly to your home in the post!

Why do companies send out free things?

For one thing, companies know that customers love to get free things. For this reason, they run free offers on all types of products that you may enjoy. But they also give away free things for a variety of other reasons. Let’s take a look.


To earn reviews: when a company has a new product, one way to learn if the product is received well or not by customers is to give a sample away for free. While this seems like it would be expensive, companies view this as part of their marketing efforts. Plus, they get to learn if the new product has problems or not. When you provide feedback on the sample you’ve received, then you help the company to know if they need to improve the product or not. If not, then chances are the product will become available for purchase in stores. You can be part of the process by using these companies’ free samples!


Promotions: companies love to run promotions, too. A promotion may be set up with a free sample of a product that’s very popular. The free samples are given away to bring recognition to the product, while giving regular customers a freebie, as a benefit for their regular purchases.


Building a database: another reason companies give away free stuff is to build a database of potential customers. Usually you have to sign up for a freebie. This may mean you provide the company with your email address and name, etc. This way, when the company has a new product, they may reach out to you with a free sample to try! Or they may offer special discounts in the future, and more all through the database they’ve created.


Improve company reputation: giving away free things is a great way to improve a company’s reputation. Not only that, but it’s an excellent way to raise brand awareness, too.

How Often Do You Feature New Free Things?

That’s a great question and we’ve got the answer for you! Every day you can find new offers from a wide variety of companies. This is why recommend you visit the site each day.

Some companies may run special offers for only a limited time, or they only offer a certain number of items for free. Once those offers are over, or the items are gone, then that’s it.

This is why it’s highly important that you visit the site every day. You can also be notified of new free things by signing up for our newsletter. And you can also stop by our Facebook page every day to find new free things on our site!

We make it fun and easy for you to find new great free offers every day.

Get Free Things

Is There a Charge for Using Your Site?

No, you’ll never be charged for using our site—ever. Our site is free to use and signing up for an account is free. Once you’ve signed up, you won’t face any charges for using our site to find some great offers on free things.

Our site is 100% free to use! The reason is that we’re a community website with the goal of helping you find only the best freebies online. We aim to be the biggest and best freebie community in the UK and will never charge you for using the site.

What Companies Give Away Free Things?

You’ll find a wide variety of companies that are giving way free things on our site. You’ll find offers from some of your favourite brands including.

Free product offers include everything from free pizzas and baby nappies, to candy bars, watercolour pens and more! Every day you’ll find new free things available on our site.


What If I Haven’t Received My Free Stuff?

We do not stick any of the freebies found on our site. Instead, the offers are from companies who are running freebie campaigns.

It can take up to 28 days to receive your free things. The reason is that an offer may extremely popular, and the company is overwhelmed with interest in the offer. Imagine receiving over 100,000 freebie requests! It can happen!

If the company is inundated with requests for a specific freebie, they will have to review each application and ensure it’s correct and valid. Then they have to process each request and prepare the items to be sent out. This can all take time.

So, we recommend being patient and waiting at least 28 days. If your free things haven’t arrived in that time, then we recommend that you send the company an email kindly asking when the freebie should arrive. This way, you’ll have some idea of when to expect your fun freebies!

Free Things