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Do you enjoy getting free stuff? Then now’s the best time to take advantage of some free trials that you’re sure to love!

Free trials are a great way to try products you’re interested in. Getting the free trial takes risk out of the equation. The risk is that you may not like the product after paying full price for a full-sized version. That can become expensive very quickly. However, with a free trial, you have the chance to try the product out without any investment, other than the time needed to use it. You can see the results before you buy.

When budgets are tight, free is always a benefit. Plus, it’s just plain fun to get free stuff in the mail! It’s like getting a small present!

If you enjoy trying samples and getting free stuff, then check out our list of favourite free trials that are available right now!

List of Free Trials to Grab Today

Here are some free trials that we have available right now! Take advantage now and get your free stuff in the mail!

1). Free Dishwasher Tablets

Do you use a dishwasher? You know how expensive dishwasher detergent can be. SMOL dishwasher tablets are a little different in that you won’t find them at the store. Instead, the company sells directly to you, which results in lower prices with no middleman (store) increasing the price.

Why not give these SMOL dishwasher tablets a try? This is a free sample size of their tablets, which can be delivered straight to your home! Just sign up, answer a short survey, and then pay the small £1 delivery fee. You’ll receive enough tablets for 9 washes.

2). Free Tastecard – 50% Off Pizza Delivery

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a pizza delivered on a night you just don’t feel like cooking? With this Tastecard offer, you’ll receive 50% off a pizza delivery, up to 27% off movie rentals with Rakuten TV, and 2 for 1 meals on restaurant collections and more.

If you just don’t feel like cooking or can’t get out of the house, then this is a great opportunity to get some great pizza half off the normal price. A delicious, hot, fresh pizza will show up at your door, and you don’t have to shell out a lot of money for it! What could be better?

All you have to do is click on “Get Freebie,” then create an account and finish the process by following the directions on the screen. That’s it!

One note: this is part of a subscription, so if you don’t cancel before the 2-month trial is up, then you will be charged for another month at £3.99/month. You can cancel at any time!

3). Free Gillette Shaving Kit

Could you use a new razor? Then why not sign up for a free trial of Gillette’s starter shaving kits? The kit includes a razor, travel cover, and shaving gel. You’ll have the option to choose from there different shaving kits that feature Gillette’s best-selling razors. All you pay for is the cost of delivery.

What a great way to get a free shaving kit for traveling! Plus, you can try out some of the company’s best products—for free!

All you have to do is hit the “Get Freebie” button, then you’ll be taken directly to Gillette’s free shaving kit page. Keep in mind that this is a subscription service you’ll be signing up for. The first shaving kit will be free, but then you’ll be charged for replacement razors after 15 days. You can cancel your subscription at any time, which means you can sign up for the trial, and then cancel the subscription before the 15 days have passed.

4). Free Takeaway Meal

Here’s another great offer to get some free food delivered right to your door! This offer comes from TopCashBack and allows you to grab a free takeaway meal with a value up to £15 from Just Eat. If your order is over £15, then you earn £15 cashback! What could be better!

This free takeaway meal is for new customers—here’s what you need to do:

  • Sign up for a free account with TopCashBack
  • Visit the Just Eat page on the site
  • Click “Get Cashback”
  • Purchase your takeaway meal like normal

That’s it! You’ll have a free meal delivered in only a few minutes! What a great offer—especially if you’re stuck at home and don’t feel like going out.

5). Free Graze Box

Do you enjoy having healthy snacks and treats for you and your family? Then you’ll love this offer! You can receive a free Graze Box when you sign up for their delicious, healthy treats. The Graze Box will be delivered straight to your door!

Each box contains a mix of tasty, guilt-free snacks that may include olives, nuts, biscuits, cakes, dried fruit and more. What’s not to like!

All you need to do is click on the “Get Freebie” button and then follow the directions on the screen. Please note that this is a subscription service you’re signing up for. The first box of snacks will be free, but then you’ll be charged after that. You’ll be able to cancel at any time, but in the meantime, you can enjoy a free box of healthy, yummy treats!

6). Free Birthday Cake KitKat!

Do you love KitKats? Then this free offer may be exactly for you! Try one of these limited edition Birthday Cake KitKats for free!

To get yours, just sign up for Fab Freebies Newsletter, and you’ll be entered in the giveaway drawing. If you are selected, then you’ll be notified by email, and you’ll need to provide your postal address in order to receive this tasty, free limited-edition snack!

7). Free £20 Amazon Gift Card

Who couldn’t use a free £20 Amazon Gift Card? All you have to do is join the Incompass panel, and they’ll give you a £20 voucher after your first month of joining. Then you’ll receive £10 each month after that! This company would like to learn how people in the UK use technology and what they “consume” for TV, radio, and other types of media.

You can choose from 2 different ways to earn your free vouchers:

1). Keep a 7-day diary which is completed each day

2). Install the Mediacell+ app on your smartphone (if you have one) and use the Incompass app on your devices. The app monitors your behaviour over a period of time.

Just click the “Get Freebie” button and then follow the directions on the screen to earn your free £20 Amazon Gift Card!

8). Free Gemstone Bracelet

How would you like to receive a lovely free gemstone bracelet in the mail? You can do this by checking out this offer from Spiritualist Babe! You can claim a free druzy “make a wish” bracelet, or a lovely unicorn charm bracelet.

The bracelets are valued at £19.75 each—and you can have one of these lovely pieces for free! You can also choose from many colours including:

  • Red
  • Pink
  • Dark blue
  • Turquoise
  • White
  • Black

Choose a colour that resembles your birthstone or give the bracelet as a beautiful gift! Just follow the link to the offer, and then follow the directions on the screen. Then you’ll need to provide your name and postal address and pay £3.15 to covering shipping and handling. That’s it!

9). Free Krispy Kreme Doughnut

Who doesn’t just love the smell and taste of a Krispy Kreme doughnut? Now you can have one for free! Krispy Kreme is giving away free glazed ring doughnuts. Just join their Friends of Krispy Kreme, and they’ll send you an email with a voucher for a free doughnut! Then take your voucher to one of their shops, show it to the staff and get your free yummy doughnut!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of freebies! Be sure to come back every day to see what freebies are available, then grab them up quick to enjoy some great free products!