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Read Books For Free

Books off an escapism and unravel the endless imagination of the reader. They Teach, amuse, inspire, and challenge perspectives. They are so important that it is only right for every human to have the ability to access books for free.

It was The Public Libraries Act of 1850 that enabled UK boroughs to open free, public libraries for the first time. We have this Act to thank for our free library cards and for the strong presence of libraries all over the country. . Besides book-borrowing, you can access the internet, join events, peruse magazines and journals and find large-print or audio books, all for free.

Find your local library with this handy search engine with map.

There are a few cons of borrowing, rather than buying books, Deadlines is probably the biggest one. Forget to return or renew the library book and you will be liable for any fines. Another con is having to treat the books preciously. Owning a book means not worrying about it getting wet, wrinkly pages when you are reading in the bath or getting mud on it when you’ve brought it camping to read by torchlight.

Read It Swap It is a free, online club which allows you to swap books with other members. With a vast number of categories, you are likely to find the title you are after. You post the books to each other and confirm online when received. The only cost involved is that of postage. You are looking at about £1.11 for the average paperback sent by second class post.

Want to go even cheaper? Charity shops sell used books for as little as 50p! Do your bit for charity by purchasing a few and donating them back again when you have read them to your imaginations content. If you have a kindle or tablet, stay on the look out for free e-books, Kobo has a great system whereby certain first-in-series books are free to download. Free e-Books, where you’ll find a large catalogue of free book downloads. iTunes offers a Free Books app boasting 23,469 downloadable classics at no cost. Android’s similar Google Play Books claims to have millions.

Now, what to read.

The Book List Challenge is an excellent place to find suggestions for reading material. All the classics from Dahl to Dostoyevsky are accounted for. Likewise, 1001 Books You Must Read before You Die is packed full of reviews of books spanning just about every genre.

Not sure what sort of genre you’re in the mood for? We’re fans of this ‘Summer Ready’ flowchart at for helping to make the decision.

Book clubs are an excellent and usually free way of integrating your social life and love of reading. Meetups and My Book Club are two of the biggest and are both International, so you could even join a book club abroad while holidaying. Meetups gave us 70+ results while My Book Club gleaned 20+ plucked from a 5 mile radius of our home town.

Grab yourself a good book, get comfy, for, as Hemingway said, “there is no friend as loyal as a book”.

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