Sometimes saving money can seem like a herculean effort! Especially if you’ve already trimmed your budget down about as far as it can go. However, we’ve come up with some fun ways that can save some extra cash!

There are creative ways you can save money and put the extra into savings! That’s no joke! You may be wondering exactly how to accomplish this when money’s already pretty tight. All you need to do is read on for some ways you can save some money on almost everything!

1). Use Amazon Prime to Earn Rewards

This is one that not everyone knows about, even though they may already have an Amazon Prime account. Not only can you take advantage of their one-day delivery service, but Amazon also offers incentives for no-rush postage. You can earn as much as £1 of rewards credit toward your next purchase. You can easily and quickly earn some extra savings by taking advantage of these rewards credits!

However, we’re not encouraging you to shop until your fingers drop. If you’re already on a tight budget, then you don’t have extra cash to spare. However, if you regularly make purchases of essential items on the site, you can definitely earn some rewards at the same time.

To take advantage of Amazon’s rewards program and earn credits, you’ll need to purchase Prime-eligible items one at a time to earn one credit for each one. Then you can either choose to use this credit when you buy another eligible item, or you can save credits up for items such as video, apps, Kindle ebooks, or music. You can also choose to save your rewards credits to earn even larger savings!

2). Hunt Down Codes

Another fun way to save money and great some great discounts is by finding discount codes online. After you’ve determined what to buy at your favorite retailers, leave your shopping card and open a new tab on your web browser. Then do a Google search to find a discount voucher.

To do this, all you need to do is type in the retailer’s name, plus the term “promo code” (without quotation marks, and then hit enter. Then scroll through the research results until you find a discount code that works for the retailer and your purchase! That’s it!

Another way to get discounts at your favorite retailers is to sign up for their newsletters. Many stores offer great discounts for first-time subscribers. But you can still enjoy more savings after signing up for the newsletter. That’s because many stores send their loyal customers special discounts via their news letters! That’s right! Those discounts aren’t available to just anyone.

You can enjoy lots of savings by using these two methods!

3). Claim Your Student Discount

You don’t have to be at uni to take advantage of these types of discounts! Receive exclusive student discounts with your NUS Extra card! You’ll need to pay £12 a year, but then you’ll be able to save a ton of money at tons of retailers.

Not only that, but you can also snag a plus free or discounted Amazon Prime membership to enjoy even more savings. If you’re already a Prime member, you can ask for a pro-rata refund when you make the switch to the student deal. Then you’ll be able to enjoy double the savings!

4). Get the Best Discount Cards

Enjoy some great savings or even free items! Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Tastecard: if you delay the £80 annual fee with a free card to get you started, you save money immediately. Then look for trial offers that can earn you even more months of membership for just a small fee.
  • Rail & coach cards: can earn their purchase price back with just one or two trips! As a student you can get them for much less with your student discount, or even free through some student bank accounts.

5). Take Advantage of Your Birthday

Did you know you can get some great savings due to your birthday? It’s a fact! You can get money off loads of things from free pieces of cake and more. Another thing not many people realize about birthday savings is that you can take advantage of these great discounts all through your birthday month!

To snag some great deals, just sign up for your favorite retailer’s newsletter, download their app, or sign up for their loyalty card well in advance of your birthday. Then track the offers you’d like to get! For instance:

  • Enjoy a third off at Yo! Sushi
  • Free brow wax by joining Debenham’s beauty club
  • Enjoy free yummy treats at places such as Gregg’s, Subway, Krispy Kreme, and more!

6). Take Advantage of Amazon’s Prime Video

Rather than paying big bucks for video streaming services and cable TV, take advantage of some great programming with your Amazon Prime membership! Amazon’s Prime membership comes with quite a few perks, including free movies and TV programs.

You’ll find that Amazon has their own incredible programming, but you’ll also find your favorite movie and TV series there, too. What’s more, the whole family can enjoy Prime Video because they also have movies and TV programs for kids! You can enjoy free movie nights with your entire family!

7). Save Money on Clothing

Shopping clearance is a great way to grab some extra savings! You can buy brand new items at steeply discounted rates. The only issue is that these may be clothing items from last season. Even so, these items can often be updated with accessories you may already have in the closet!

And don’t forget to shop at thrift and consignment stores. These are also great places to enjoy some great savings. Plus, you can even find brand new clothing in these shops! It’s not unusual to find a pretty dress with the price tag still on it!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and have some amazing ways to save money, even if you’re on a tight budget! Have fun as you take advantage of these great savings!