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Who doesn’t enjoy getting stuff for free! Did you know there are many ways to get free things? Everything from cinema tickets, groceries and beyond—all for free!

We’ve put together a list of freebies for you to try out—you won’t have to pay for these (unless specific offers require a purchase). We think you’ll be surprised at just what you can get for free!

1). Try Some Online Surveys

Taking surveys online can be a lot of fun, and you’ll find there are plenty of survey sites to try. Not only can you get things for free by filling out the surveys, but you can even earn cash on some sites!

Legitimate sites to try include the following:

  • i-Say: this is a survey site and they’re very transparent about payment and survey length. They provide this information even before you start a survey! They payout in retail vouchers, which can take about 2-3 weeks to arrive. Retail vouchers are for shops such as Amazon, Argos and John Lewis.
  • Swagbucks: this site has been around for quite a while. There are various activities where you can earn points from daily polls, watching videos, searching online, playing games online and more. Points are used in their Rewards Store, where you can buy vouchers or even choose to be paid in cash Via PayPal.
  • Crowdology: is a popular site that pays cash to your PayPal account or Amazon vouchers. Their payment threshold is £4, which many people find easy to earn. They don’t use points at all—you earn the cash by completing surveys.
  • Branded Surveys: many site users say it’s easy to earn points and reach payout levels. Payout is £8, which you earn by taking daily polls and surveys.
  • OnePoll: this is a popular site known for quick surveys! They run polls for the press, for which you need to login daily. The surveys can also be accessed through the site’s app for iPhone and Android, then enable notifications and you’ll be notified each time a new survey is ready. Here, you don’t earn as much for a survey as you can on other sites. They pay anywhere from 20p on up. The payout threshold is £30, which can take a while to earn. Even so, it can be worth the effort to eventually end up with a payout earned through spending a few minutes here and there taking a survey.

2). Search in online marketplaces: sites such as Nextdoor, Craigslist and Facebook groups might appear as unlikely places to find freebies, but these are great places to check for free goods and services. Searching through the ads on these sites, you’ll come across various items that people need or want to give away. Items may include furniture, moving boxes, plants, books, appliances and more!

3). Loyalty programs: do you have some favourite stores and businesses? Then check to see if they offer a rewards program for their loyal customers. You’d be surprised—business such as restaurants and retailers offer special deals for customers’ birthdays or even based on how much they spend. It’s easy to get free shipping, gift cards, movie tickets, free food and much more.

4). Earn rewards on your credit card: do you have a rewards credit card? Then be sure to take advantage of the card by using it to earn miles, points or even cash back, depending on the card you have. You can earn flights, gift cards, hotel stays and more. Some rewards cards even offer free travel insurance, access to airport lounges and free checked bags.

To get the most out of your rewards credit card, review the terms and conditions to learn about how to earn and what you can earn through the card’s program. Not making use of the rewards is like leaving money on the table!

5). Sample products: have you ever noticed that free samples are sometimes handed out in your favourite stores? For instance, at the grocery store, you may have noticed someone handing out free samples of a new food product. Be sure to check at your favourite department store, too! You can often come by free samples of perfume and beauty products. 

And if you can’t find free samples in your favourite stores, you may be able to find them online. Companies such as Unilever, Proctor & Gamble may send free samples if you agree to test and/or review the product. Amazon Prime also offers sample boxes to their members. The boxes are offered in a variety of categories from beauty products to pet supplies. Amazon then reimburses the purchase with Amazon credit, which can be redeemed on select products.

6). Download an app: with these, you can earn freebies. You can earn rewards by visiting specific stores, making purchases or viewing products online. The points can then be redeemed for gift cards that can be used in businesses such as Starbucks and Target.

Apps to earn rewards include Shopmium, Greenjinn, and CheckoutSmart.

7). Fab Freebies: Of course, your first port of call should be our site! We add new freebies to our site every day so check back every so often to get the best chance of scoring the greatest freebies!

8). Send Me a Sample: how would you like samples delivered to your door, complete free? Send Me a Sample does just that! It’s very simple to use. All you have to do is find the company’s logo on your favorite brand. Then use your voice assistance, such as Google or Alexa and ask them “Hey (Google/Alexa), Send Me a Sample. Then let your voice assistant do the rest. You then just wait for the sample to come to your door for free—you don’t have to pay for anything!

You can also score freebies by checking out their Instagram page to find out when the next freebie will be ready and how to ask for it. They offer a wide variety of products, so you’re sure to find a freebie by one of your favorite products or brands!

Summing It Up

So, there you have it! Several ways to find and enjoy freebies of your favorite products! We hope you have a fun time earning rewards and scoring some great free samples!