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Top Hobbies You Can Do for Free

There is always a good reason to take up a new hobby, it is great for meeting new people, help to de-stress & build confidence! Research from San Francisco state university shows that it can even improve your job performance. While some hobbies drain your wallet, there are loads you can try for free. Here are a few of our favourites…

Learn to play a musical instrument

Music lessons can be one of the best hobbies, but also very expensive, with some costing £30 per hour to learn. Thanks to YouTube, you can learn for free in the comfort of your own home. Check out YouTube channel. Or if you want to lean something a little more obscure, why not learn  how to play Lord of the Rings on the tin whistle for the ultimate party trick!


Foraging is one of those hobbies that is not just a fun way to get out and explore nature, it can also be a great money saver! From finding elderflower to add a twist to your cocktails or making a yummy cordial to finding wild garlic to make your own pesto. There are loads around to pick, for free! Check out the Woodland Trust’s foraging guidelines for more info on where to start.

REMEMBER: Do not pick something unless you are 100% sure what it is. Similar looking plants and berries could be poisonous!

Learn a language

If you love to travel, learning a language is a great hobby to take on, if your GCSE language days are long behind you, and do not fancy forking out for a private tutor. There are loads of free resources online that can be taken advantage of. However Duolingo is an app where you can learn languages like Spanish, Italian and Swahili without costing you a penny. the courses also include mini games where you level up and earn points for correct answers, so it is fun, too.

Web design

Do you fancy a challenge? Learning web design may be for you! It is a great way to test your mind and occupy your free time. Plus it can be a great money-spinner. By taking free courses online, you can learn the basics, which could lead to making websites for extra pocket money, creating yourself a website can start your own business. Head to Shaw Academy if you have been dreaming of creating an app, and take advantage of their Mobile Development course where you can learn how to code, develop your app idea and more. Maybe you have got the next money-making Candy Crush or Angry Birds up your sleeve!


Volunteering with your local charity is a great way of getting involved with something you love, whilst giving something back. You can do anything from working in your favourite museum to channelling your inner Gordon Ramsey as a volunteer chef. Walk some adorable dogs, teach kids a new sport or join a choir. Head to to find volunteering opportunities available.

Freebie hunting

If you’re reading this blog post then we’ve got an inkling that you’ve already caught the bargain-hunting bug. If, like us, seeking out a freebie gives you a thrill then why not join our Fab freebies Facebook group filled with like-minded members? We share loads of freebies there that don’t make it on to our site. Photos of us putting our free products to use and we give you all the top hints and tips to make the most of your free stuff experience. Plus you can put your love of freebie-finding to good use. Join in the fun today!


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