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Do you enjoy freebies? Do you enjoy earning cash? Would you like to learn how to get freebies and cash? Then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve created a list of freebies and ways to earn cash that you can enjoy every day! Let’s get started!

Ways to Get Free Stuff Every Day

Whether you’re a full-time mom or a student, or even someone who has a large salary and loves finding freebies, then here are some free things you’ll love!

Free Music Online

You can visit Musicovery and listen to free music online any time! You can choose the music you like according to mood, genre, or even from a playlist. Another great site is, which allows you to listen to music for free and create your own playlists.

Have you ever thought about using YouTube to enjoy free music? Not only is this a great place to watch videos, but you can also listen to tunes for free. However, keep in mind you may have to listen to a lot of advertisements. Still, this is a free way to enjoy your favorite music!

Spotify is another great streaming service. This site has millions of songs and music tracks you can enjoy completely for free. Here, again, you may have to deal with some short ads every few minutes. Still, free is free!

Free Cinema

Who doesn’t enjoy going to the movies? All you need to do here is sign up to See Film First, then you could get a chance to see films before they’re released. What’s better is you get to see them for free!

When you’ve signed up, you’ll get emails that contain a screening code. Just enter this into the website and then get your free tickets. Other similar services include Free Cinema Tickets and Free Movies UK.

Book Swapping

Do you have books you’ve already read? Would you like some new reads? Then consider using the site BookMooch. This is a site that makes it easy to give books away in exchange for books you’d like to read.

You earn points by giving books and then use these points to get any book you’d like. What’s more, if you really like the new book you can keep it for free! Or you can put it back onto the site and enjoy a new book! There’s no cost to use the service, but you will have to pay postage charges.

Internet Hotspots

Are you in need of Internet service but just can’t afford it right now? Then you can use FreeHotspot, which is a service that finds free wireless Internet hotspots all over the country. You can search y street, town, or even country. Free WiFi is available in many areas of the country, especially in larger cities.

When you use a free WiFi hotspot, remember this is a public access hotspot. So, be sure to keep your data secure by using a VPN service. Remember to avoid checking your bank account or doing other things that make your sensitive data available to others where you’re using the WiFi.

Free Entry to Nightclubs

When you really need to get out but just don’t have the fund, then you can use Designmynight for a list of nightclubs in London and other places in the UK that have free entry nights.

You can also try to visit a club earlier than normal, but you may be able to get in for free, especially during happy hour.

Ways to Get Free Money

These days everyone is strapped for cash. If you’re in this position, then there are ways to get some free money.

Apply for Grants

If you have a low income or are having financial problems, then there are grants you can apply for. One place to find these grants is by using Turn2Us Grant Finder Tool. This tool can help you find grants that fit  your specific financial situation.

Keep in mind that grants can affect your benefit entitlement. If you receive a large amount of cash that pushes your savings over £6,000, your Universal Credit will be reduced. And if your savings is over £16,000, then chances are you will not qualify for any grant assistance.

Use Cashback Sites

You can use sites such as TopCashBack and Quidco to earn money! When you’ve signed up for a free account you’ll be required to complete a valid transaction. When this is done, you’ll receive a bonus in your account. It’s that simple.

What’s more, you can site up for more than one money saving site and earn! You’ll earn money and may even find that some retailers send you special offers. You can even earn cash back on those deals!

This is a great way to earn free money. You can earn money back on items you need. So, this becomes like a type of discount, but one that puts money back into your account for free.

Get Paid to Surf the Web

Another way to earn cash is to get paid to surf the web! You can use sites such as Ipsos and Nielson to surf the web. They collect your data (which is kept anonymous) as you surf, then use this data to analyze your surfing habits. And you get paid!

All you have to do is install the Ipsos or Nielson apps on your phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop. Then start surfing as you normally would! You can earn up to £130 a year just for surfing the web!

Claim Credit Back

Lastly, here’s another way to make money. Do you know if your energy bill has a credit on it? If so, have you had a refund to your credit card lately? If not, then this is money you’re entitled to get back.

If your account is in credit, then contact them to arrange the refund back to your bank account. The process may take a long time, but service providers are not allowed to refuse you a refund.

This is your money, and you deserve to get it back. Also, watch out if the provider tries to charge you fees for the transfer. They’re not allowed to do this.

There you have it! Loads of freebie ideas for you to try!