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Ways To Save On Your Supermarket Shop

Your weekly shop will probably be taking a massive portion of your earnings. It is crucial to plan and ensure you are not spending more than you need to! There are many ways that can help you save on your shop. Check out how below.

Buy own brand

This is probably one of the best ways to save money on your shopping. What is the point in buying cheaper alternatives to branded items when you can afford it?

Nowadays, own brands can be just as good, (if not better!) on loads of items for a fraction of the cost. We normally do not like buying own brand items because the packaging does not look as flash and is boring however, supermarkets tend to make the packaging bland on purpose, but that is starting to change as more and more people turn to own brand items. They are often better value for money, and you will not notice the difference a lot of the time!  Some products can be hit and miss but it is 100% worth trying different products to find (potentially) better and cheaper alternatives.

Research prices & Plan!

Planning is vital when it comes to saving on your supermarket shop. Maybe write a meal plan so you know what ingredients you need or if that is not your thing, write a list! They help you keep track of what is going into the trolley and more importantly, make sure you do not forget anything!

There are so many shops to choose from, it can get confusing deciding the best place to shop. Looking at online shops can help compare costs and products, to help decide where is best for you.

Some savings may seem small, but it soon adds up if you are saving on multiple items every week! You can even use the time to make a rough estimate of how much you should spend so the price does not come as a shock at the checkout!

Use Vouchers

When Shopping, keep apps like Shopmium in mind, if you have not heard of it, Shopmium is a free app that allows you to access exclusive offers on everyday brands found in the supermarket! Offers change often so it’s great if you want to try new products without breaking the bank!  Right now, you can get a free voucher to get Carrs cream and chive crisp breads half price!

You can also earn vouchers and gift cards to spend in store!

Do not be fooled!

I think everyone just presumes a supermarket is just arranged by category, (Fruit and Veg, Dairy, Meat & Fish etc.) but did you know, supermarket layouts are designed to make us spend more money! They know exactly what they are doing.

Ever noticed better value products and deals are right at the top or bottom, out of your direct eyeline? Or sweets and small snacks are right next to the checkouts?

To make sure you do not get fooled, make sure you take some time deciding what you want and have a good look at all the products available.

Top tip: Ask yourself, ‘Do I really need this?’ while picking items up that are not on that trusty shopping list!

Find REAL offers

Buy One Get One Free deals and big discounts may look appealing at first, but when you look into some deals it’s a ploy to make you buy more with very little savings. There are some great deals out there, especially in you have a Tesco Clubcard!
To get the best bargains, find out where supermarkets keep their reduced items.  These are the items that are nearing their best before date or use by date and have not sold yet. Early evening is a great time to check for bargains. You will be able to freeze most items that is not used straight away so nothing will be wasted!

Be sure those BOGOF offers, and deals are real bargains before you buy!

Make food go further

The best way to reduce cost at the supermarket is to buy less! Use meal ideas that incorporate similar ingredients or that could be turned from one amazing meal to another, for example, left over Bolognese or ragu sauce can be made into a tasty lasagne or make Bubble and squeak with any left-over dinner veg. Yum!

Using leftovers wisely is a great way to reduce those shopping costs. have a look at this Leftover recipe book for inspiration but I am sure you will find loads of delicious ways to use any leftovers you have.

It may be worth considering having one or two vegetarian meals a week. It is a great way to ensure you are getting all those veggies into your system. You will also find yourself saving a small fortune on not buying as much meat.

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