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Do you have more than one old mobile phone lying around at home? If so, then join the club! Many people have as many as 1-3 mobile phones that are no longer used. And some families have even old mobile phones!

Mobile phones, when they’re first purchased, can be quite expensive. So, why not consider making money on your older phones?

In this article, we’ll share several ways you can put your old mobile phones to good use or make money from them!

Sell Them

You may be surprised to learn that your mobile phone is still worth money, even though the technology may be older. And when you sell, it’s possible to receive payment on the same day!

Consider using MusicMagpie, which is the most popular site to sell used mobile phones. They’re a trusted site; in fact, they have an excellent rating on Trustpilot, with over 100,000 reviews. What’s more, this company has paid out more than £400 million to over 6 million customers! What could be better?

One reason to choose a trusted website is that you never know what a mobile phone recycling company actually does with the phone. For instance, there are stories of people buying phones on the site, and never getting them. In other cases, the recycling company can be a scam that takes important personal information from the phones they receive. Who knows how that data will be used?

So, it’s best to use a site such as MagicMagpie to sell your old mobile device. You’ll have peace of mind that they’ll send the money and any data on the phone will be completed wiped.

Do You Have a Damaged Phone?

Do you have a damaged phone? That’s OK! Whether it won’t turn on or has a cracked screen, and more it’s still possible to sell your phone.

Keep in mind that you won’t receive full price for the phone. Still, you may be able to make anywhere from 10% to 50% of the price back by selling it (depending on the amount of damage).

To find the best quote on your old, damaged phone, use the search terms “damaged” or faulty.

Sell Your Old Phone on the High Street

If you’re really not comfortable with selling your old phone online, then you do have another option. Try to sell it on the high street.

One place to check is Cex, which is a high street game and tech exchange shop. Here, the phone will need to be in good working order, and you may be required to have the original packaging.

Another place to consider is Cash Converters. Here, though, don’t expect to get a very high return for your old phone. One way to find out what they may offer is to head over eBay. On that site, look for a phone likes yours and see how much it’s selling for (not the auction—choose “buy now” figures). When you have that number, then divide it in half. This is the amount you can expect from Cash Converters.

Keep It as an Investor Piece

If you have a phone that’s completely bricked, but is old, it may still be possible to sell it on eBay. That’s because some phones have become popular as retro devices and collector’s pieces. It’s entirely possible the longer you hang on to the phone, the more valuable it could become.

This can work if the phone is in good condition—not crushed, doesn’t have a broken/cracked screen, and more. If it looks good, there’s still a possibility someone will want to buy it.

Donate Your Old Phones to Charity

If you’re not comfortable selling your old mobile phone, then another option is to donate it to charity. There are many charities that can either recycle or sell your phone to provide money for their work. Here are some charities that accept old mobile phones:

Fonebank: with this service, you can choose to donate your phone to Water Aid, the National Trust, or Oxfam. And you can even choose much of the value of your phone to give to the charity. For instance, you can choose to donate 75%, 50%, or 25%, and keep the rest of the money for your own needs.

Tesco: has an old mobile phone recycling service. Here, they donate the money made from the phones to Crisis, which works to end homelessness.

Buengo: this is an app that makes it easy to sell older things to others who use the app. When your phone is sold, then you can send those funds to the charity of your choice.

Give Your Phone Away

You can also choose to give your phone away by using sites such as Freegle or Freecycle. You can use these sites to advertise the phone and we’re very sure you’ll be able to find someone who would be grateful to take it for free.

Alternative Ways to Use Your Old Mobile Phone

If your phone’s still working, then you may be able to repurpose it! There are several uses that could work for a functioning older mobile phone including:

  • Alarm clock: use the clock function on your old mobile phone as a bedside alarm clock.
  • Torch: another way to repurpose your phone is as a torch. Keep it in a handy place for when the power goes out, leave it in a drawer, or in a closet for when you need some extra light.
  • Camera: if the camera function is still working, why not use your old phone as a dedicated camera or video cam? It may even be possible to use it for chatting on Skype or other services.

Another idea is to use your old phone as a backup mobile phone for emergencies or even when someone’s visiting you for a few days. Get a free SIM card to use in the phone.

This way, you’ll have a backup phone if your phone is damaged or lost.

You might also consider giving your old mobile phone as a present to your younger child. If the thought of paying for a new phone for a youngster is unnerving, we can’t blame you. Kids can damage or lose their phones easily. If you buy a newer phone, these are expensive to replace.

On the other hand, your used mobile phone may be usable and have just enough to make your younger child happy. Or maybe there’s an older person in your family who would be happy with an older phone. Older phones are sometimes easier for older people to manage.

No matter how old your phone is, or what condition it’s in, you may be able to sell it, have it recycled, or one of the other options we shared in this article! So, don’t throw it away—you could be throwing money right into the garbage!