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Scam Alert: Stay Safe Online & The One Freebie to Avoid

Here at fab freebies, it is our job to be aware of all the freebies you may come across both online and offline. There are many ways we can hear about new freebies; one of those ways is seeing offers spotted on our Facebook group.

Over the past year, we have seen a rise in amazon sellers offering their products in return for a review. These offers are a concern as they seem genuine. However, they breach amazon’s customer review policy! You could be is a lot of trouble – Even if you were not aware you were breaching any rules.

What is a Sponsored Ad for freebies?

It is important to remember, sponsored ads on Facebook are NOT a scam. Some scammers are using Facebook ads to draw people in though.

Bear In Mind: A Facebook sponsored ad is a way for companies to advertise their brand or product to people who may have an interest.

Most sponsored ads will contain a clickable link where you will be taken to their website, or Facebook Page. Other sponsored ads contain a Messenger button which will open a new chat with the brand.

If you are worried about how legitimate an offer is, check out the companies’ profile, generally, larger, and established brands are verified, if not check out their likes and followers. If a page only has a handful of followers, that could be suspicious. To be sure you could consider finding the brand’s website and search for a social media link; any link to social media from there will be legitimate.

Do These Amazon Offers Break the Law?

According to, a reputable law and government information site, it is a legal ‘gray area’. The HG website states,

“One way to avoid fake reviews or the paid relationship is to offer free products to consumers. They may then draft a genuine article or comment on the website about how the product is delicious, works perfectly or similar reviews. This may be frowned upon by certain companies, but if the business does not directly request the review in exchange, it may be both legal and ethical business practices.”
With these freebies, sellers are directly requesting a review in exchange for the item. Not only is this practice legally questionable, but breaches Amazon’s rules which can lead to getting your account shut down.

Where do I Find Amazon’s Customer Reviews Rules?

You can find all of Amazons policies about Customer Reviews by clicking here.

If you ever have a question about an offer, we recommend contacting us directly so we can take a look into it, or you can join our Facebook group for a supportive community who are always happy to help.

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